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Need A Medical Appointment Scheduling Solution? Online Appointment Scheduling Software is a Cost Effective Answer

February 19th, 2012

A professional online medical appointment scheduler can help doctors and staff to keep accurate records of patient appointments. There are many software systems available online, some paid and some free. Your first question might be why pay? In the US any medical appointment scheduling software should respect patient privacy: HIPPA compliant software can ensure this happens. The main problem with much of the free online appointment scheduling systems is that certain data could be made available to third parties by the provider of the free system. Check the small print! Medical appointment scheduling software is not a particularly new concept. However, it has come a long way in the last few years.

Scheduling in Real Time….
Advanced systems are specifically designed to streamline patient appointment scheduling and staff workflows. A badly organized medical practice reduces patient confidence, which can result in patients seeking treatment elsewhere. Patient appointment scheduling errors as well as no-shows can be expensive – In an increasingly competitive world this can lead to a notable downturn in business, perhaps even failure. Today people are busier than ever. An online scheduler allows them to make a medical appointment 24/7: Anytime, anywhere via the internet – Making it easy for both Doctors and patients to keep updated while´ on the go´ via the internet: A huge advantage for medical practitioners who work at several locations.

Adapt to Suit
Advanced online appointment scheduling software usually offers up a wide variety of features. Many can be adapted to suit specialist clinics, medical practices and individual medical practitioners. Being able to try out the software is extremely advantageous. It gives staff and doctors the opportunity to try out different features and ascertain which are the most appropriate and useful for your particular practice. A well-managed medical practice means happy staff and happy patients. Use the features available to streamline workflows, enhance productivity and so increase revenue. Online appointment scheduling software is reliable and maintenance free: For most, a cost-effective patient appointment scheduling solution.

It´s An Automated World
Every day our world moves toward automation: The health industry is no exception. If you are looking for a reliable medical appointment scheduling solution an online scheduler could well provide the answer. In a busy medical practice patient appointment scheduling can take up your staffs valuable time. An automated online scheduler can take the pressure off the front desk, helping to improve patient care and reduce no-show: As well as a whole lot more besides!

Online Appointment Scheduling – Why Make The Change?

February 4th, 2012

An online appointment scheduler is providing a “virtual receptionist” for medical offices, specialist clinics and sole practitioners across America and Canada today. Even if you are not part of this growing number already chances are, you are aware of some of the possible advantages already. Primarily, providing 24/7 appointment scheduling is a veritable plus for patients living in a modern world. And, it also provides overwhelmed receptionists and staff the opportunity to concentrate on more pressing tasks by dealing with patient appointment scheduling in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Take A Break
In a busy medical practice it can be difficult for receptionists to deal with patient appointment calls and reminder calls consistently. After all, this task is one of many! Tempers can become frayed when they are unable to take a break during peak hours and mistakes can be made when they are pushed too hard. Automated appointment scheduling gives staff time to deal with paperwork and patients as well as get their break: Effectively, it is another pair of hands! Unquestionably, an online appointment scheduler can take quite a load off the daily, routine tasks.

Reminder Calls
No-shows happen and every time they do happen, it will invariably cost your medical practice revenue. Many online doctor appointment scheduling systems can also deal with reminder calls, which has proven to reduce no-shows: Hence reminder calls ARE considered important. Even so, in a particularly busy medical practice they will not always be made and hiring staff simply to deal with this task can cost more than the savings made. Automated reminder calls provide an economical solution that is efficient and a fraction of the cost.

Today there is an abundance of medical appointment scheduling software available. Ensuring the system you choose is safe, secure and reliable is vital. Online systems do not require in-house hardware and software to be installed, nor do they require maintenance. Multilingual features are not so common, yet can be extremely useful for medical practitioners working in more cosmopolitan regions. Check out the features carefully to ensure you ARE making the most of what´s on offer – That you are indeed getting the services your practice needs. Free trials provide an excellent opportunity for you to test-drive the software and so ensure you are actually getting what you need, your staff need and your patients. Get it right and everyone will be very glad you made the change.

Web- Based Appointment Scheduling – Proactive Solutions For Your Practice

November 27th, 2011

A web-based appointment scheduling system can provide medical practices as well as sole practitioners with an organized and reliable way to manage appointment scheduling. If you and your staff seem to be spending much of your valuable time managing appointments it is probably time to take the bull by the horns and update the way those appointments are being managed: Particularly if the “system” your practice currently has in place is “pen and paper”…

Not Just For Medical Practitioners
Automated appointment scheduling is being utilized by major medical organizations throughout the United States. While an online appointment scheduler (HIPAA approved) can provide access to a reliable 24/7 scheduling system for patients and staff its use is by no means limited to medical practices and doctors. Online and self-service appointment scheduling software can be a useful asset for hairdressers, beauticians, holistic practitioners – Many different professionals from a variety of sectors can and do use automated appointment scheduling to manage appointments.

A free trial of any software or system you might be considering is a step in the right direction: this provides an opportunity to try out the features and assess which are the most useful to your business. The capabilities of the software available is varied, as are the way in which the features can be utilized.

Helpful Suggestions
Often, even a seemingly small error can have a “knock-on” effect throughout the entire day: At best! At worst, it could cost you a patient. There are certain features that can particularly help your practice use the software to maximize profitability with better time-management.

Quick and easy access is one of the most crucial aspects of any online scheduler. Being able to access schedules to stay informed and in touch can be extremely advantageous for both practitioners and their patients: Particularly for those often ´on the move´.

Automated scheduling for repeat appointments and a patient appointment reminder system can help to reduce no-shows. An online scheduler that can deal with reminder calls via email and sms text is a modern and highly efficient way to ensure your patients turn up for their appointment: Or are able to reschedule or cancel their appointment.

Being proactive with regards to patient appointment scheduling can help you maximize efficiency and so increase productivity. Take the initiative – Invest in a reliable system that meets the demands of your practice.

Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling – Free or Paid?

August 14th, 2011

Automated Appointment Scheduling offers up a cost effective solution for any medical practice or clinic whose staff are becoming overwhelmed. Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling is a modern convenience: And like many ´modern conveniences´they are designed to make life easier and usually save time – Today many people of all ages have access to and indeed use the internet on a regular basis. Via these web-based systems it is possible to provide 24/7 appointment scheduling cost effectively using an automated Online Scheduler. Some more advanced Automated Appointment Scheduling systems can deal with patient calls 24/7 or during busy periods: Emergency calls and even patient appointment reminders – By call, email or SMS text. Without doubt, advanced Appointment Scheduling Software can free up your staff giving them the time they really need to deal with patient care first hand: Consequently and invariably helping to improve patient services.

Free vs. Paid Services
Free Appointment Scheduling Software is available online. Paid systems and software varies in cost depending upon the features available and the amount the system is used: Not unlike a mobile phone contract. The Free Appointment Scheduling Software available tends to be VERY basic, offering up few options with regards to features. Patient Appointment reminders have proven to reduce no-shows which eat into revenue. If your no-show rate is currently high Scheduling Software with this feature can actually help to reduce no-shows and so increase revenue and improve services. Compared to free versions the cost v savings can be well worth the investment.

Will The Software Actually Deal With The Problem?

The majority of the Free Software will not deal with calls made to the front desk: Most often it is simply ´organizational´ and does not allow ´self service patient appointment scheduling´. Patients are not able to simply go online and schedule a doctor appointment. In this way free software does not actually deal with the problem of overloaded staff. It simply helps staff become more organized. Paid for Online Appointment Scheduling Software and Systems however actually ‘deals’with the problem. Reminder calls are also made on time every time which makes them very cost-effective all round.

Take The Easy Route
The easiest way to really find out if an Online Scheduler is worthwhile for your practice is to try them out. Many offer ‘demo’ versions and free trials: Take up the offer and THEN make a decision.

Patient Appointment Scheduling – Time Keeping Isn’t Just A “Patient Thing”

July 16th, 2011

Good time keeping and scheduling isn’t just about patients arriving for their doctor appointment on time: Or indeed entirely about them actually arriving at all. It is also down to good time-management of the doctor and his staff: In short good medical practice management which relies much upon efficient patient appointment scheduling. For most people having a “good” doctor is not just about having a competent physician able to deal with their medical needs in a professional manner: It is also about the doctor being available for that patient within acceptable time frames. This might well include emergency care also. And why shouldn’t they expect this? It is no more than anyone deserves per se.

Online patient appointment scheduling systems rarely need any in-house installations of specialist hardware; nor do they require maintenance. Pen and paper scheduling is comparatively messy and unreliable: Rescheduling appointments, squeezing the bookings etc can lead to mistakes which in turn will lead to disorganization and delays.

Improved Communication

Online and automated systems can actually improve communication. Patients are not left hanging on the end of a phone and invariably will have the option to make their doctor appointment online. Many advanced systems can also ensure than reminder calls are made: Even send reminders via SMS as well call and send emails. This keeps patients and doctors in touch 24/7 – This is ‘good’ communication. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows and yet are rarely prioritized: If staff have time they are made: If the front desk is busy they are not. Of course patients should take priority. However, when an automated scheduling system can deal with them routinely and easily this somewhat haphazard ‘system’ is not a cost-effective way to deal with patient appointment reminder calls – Comparatively speaking.

Efficient and Cost Effective

If a medical practice has a inefficient appointment scheduling system this can affect the availability of the doctor – No-shows are lost appointments which means patients are left waiting for an appointment longer than they have to. In addition patients left in waiting for too long does little for patient-doctor relations. Nerves become frayed and this kind of inefficiency does little for confidence. Automated patient appointment scheduling systems are efficient and cost-effective: Helping doctors and patients achieve good time management and so deliver and receive a high standard of care – Hence so many of the major health organizations are taking them on board to keep standards high and costs low: Indeed, a very good thing….

Improve Medical Practice Management with 24/7 Patient Scheduling

May 21st, 2011

Every medical practice needs a sound patient appointment scheduling system. Even a sole medical practitioner needs to ensure they stay on top of appointment scheduling – Unquestionably, medical appointment scheduling is the mainstay service for practitioners and patients: Therefore it seems curious that in the twenty-first century, in an age where technology within the health sector has never been so advanced or relied upon, some medical practitioners continue to rely on the old pen and paper method.

Following The Lead

However, if one was to look at the appointment scheduling systems of some of the largest health organizations around the world, you would discover they are indeed automated. This is because automated appointment scheduling is efficient and cost-effective: Allowing these organizations to improve medical practice management by streamlining operations without cutting services: This being the way to stay competitive in a modern business world – And while the health sector may be about care, it is also about business.

Improved Efficiency

Medical appointment scheduling software can improve office efficiency. The system can be used to backup your front desk during busy periods, or to provide 24/7 patient scheduling. Giving patients the freedom to schedule a medical appointment 24/7 can only be a plus in a contemporary world: A facility that is usually welcomed by those with busy schedules.

Reduce No Shows

Another huge plus is, medical appointment scheduling software can also deal with patient reminder calls. Patient appointment reminders have proven to reduce no shows. However, making those calls can be time consuming which is not always practical or cost-effective. Automated patient reminders are the cost-effective solution. In addition some of the more advanced systems can make the call in many different languages – There are few medical receptionists who could do the same!


More and more people are quite literally running their lives using the internet. Giving them the option to schedule an appointment online adds another ‘scheduling string’ to your bow. Nowadays people like options. In this way you are giving them the options and so services they demand. And while this is important the fact that you are achieving this cost effectively is more so.

Medical Appointment Scheduling Systems – Everything To Gain

May 15th, 2011

Medical appointment scheduling software creates a reliable intersection where medical management efficiency and convenient patient health services can meet. Many experts believe that Health care expenditure will double in the Unites States by 2050. Premiums are going up in line with rising health costs and there are other social factors putting even more strain on health services: Such as an aging population and rising call for chronic care. With all the stresses and strains on resources and budget being thrown into the mix the pressure is rising upon medical practitioners to increase efficiency.

It’s All Good

Convenient and efficient patient appointment scheduling and emergency calls are fundamental to providing timely medical care. When delivered, this in itself can do wonders for doctor patient relationships therefore reputation. Advanced medical appointment scheduling systems can answer patient scheduling calls 24/7. If they are internet based most can also provide 24/7 scheduling online: A notable asset in a modern world. In addition, they can deal with emergency calls, forwarding them to a specified number which means your patients are not left hanging when they need you most. These are all very good reasons to consider automated appointment scheduling.

Looking To The Future

The U.S health industry is more competitive than ever: And if you believe the projections things are not going to get easier. It is vital to streamline costs without streamlining services. Automated appointment scheduling allows you to do that. Many of the large health organizations are already using automated systems. This is because they are reliable and economical – Two of the most vital elements to modern medical practice management.

Patient Appointment Reminders

No Shows cost and most medical practitioners know that appointment reminder calls can reduce no-shows. However, with an already pushed staff they simply do not get made. Medical appointment scheduling software can make the calls methodically on time every time. This alone could save you notable losses. Indeed, many medical practitioners find the reduction in no-shows, so rise in revenue, means these systems can pay for themselves. Give them a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say:

You will be amazed at just how much can be gained by using automated appointment scheduling systems.

Medical Appointment Scheduling Software – Benefit From The Advantages

February 26th, 2011

In a medical practice there is little room for appointment scheduling errors: Errors give way to confusion and confusion leads to chaos. Unfortunately and somewhat inevitably there are times when front desk staff are pushed to the limit and errors can and do occur – After all they are only human! Hence, we arrive at one of the primary advantages of employing (deploying) medical appointment scheduling software. Not only is the possibility of error reduced significantly; by relieving front desk staff of patient appointment scheduling tasks they will be more focused and have much more time to deal with patients.

Improved Medical Practice Management

Appointment scheduling software can deal with many aspects of patient scheduling: Taking calls – Online scheduling – And automated reminder calls being primary features for web based systems. Invariably, freeing up your staff will mean higher levels of efficiency with regards to overall medical practice management: Leading to improved patient care and satisfaction. In addition, automated patient appointment reminder calls ensure those calls are made and so reduce the percentage of no-shows – All too often reminder calls are omitted solely because staff do not have the time.

24/7 Appointment Scheduling

These systems can be utilised twenty-four hours a day which means patients are able to make their appointment at a time which is convenient to them. In addition, they are courteous and quick to respond regardless of the hour! More advance medical appointment scheduling software is multi-lingual and can be customised to suit the individual practitioner and patients needs – Another clear advantage.

Testing The Water

Web based medical scheduling systems do not need any special on-site requirements. They are virtually effortless to set up and use. Nevertheless, system features  vary therefore it is a good idea to try out any software before making any commitment; to ensure it is entirely appropriate for your specific needs – Testing the water has its advantages and can save you time and money  in the long term. The latest Medical Appointment Scheduling Software is powerful and flexible: A long way off the mechanical fizz of yester-years.

Patient appointment scheduling software can save time and increase productivity; which in turn can boost revenue – Hence some of the largest health organisations in the US are utilising automated scheduling systems. However, appointment scheduling software is cost effective even for the sole medical practitioner as well as the major organisations – Costs being relative to the demand in most instances.

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