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Automated Appointment Scheduling – Meeting Demand

February 6th, 2011

Unquestionably we are living in an automated world. Today consumers are able to gain access to an array of utilities, products and services electronically: From banking to shopping, to confirming travel arrangements – It can and is done online and/or electronically 24/7. However, communicating with a medical practice – Booking a doctor appointment online – is something only a minority are able to actually carry out: Despite the fact there is evidence to confirm this is a service many would welcome.

A Welcome Adage

Web based appointment scheduling is low cost, reliable and efficient. Studies have indicated less than 7% of medical practices routinely email communications to their patients. They have also indicated that up to 70% of those who are unable to communicate with their doctor via email would welcome the ability to do so – Altogether, sufficient indication to suggest that patients would not be adverse to making a doctor appointment online: It would also suggest that emailing patient appointment reminders would be a plausible form of communication.

Be Competitive

The demand of the consumer and so patients is on the rise. As demand grows it is likely if not inevitable that so will the competition. Accommodating the needs and indeed the demands of patients by providing the services their patients want will place any medical practice in a competitive position. Web based, automated appointment scheduling and reminders can provide those services without the need to employ more office staff or assign the time of a medical practitioner to carry out the task. Fast, efficient and low cost web based systems can deal with patient appointments and reminders in a fraction of the time: Plus, they are available 24/7. Reminder calls can be made via email and SMS: Automated reminder calls can also be made at a scheduled time on time every time regardless of how busy the practice is.

Less Is More

With less calls to the front desk there are less interruptions which means patients attending your medical practice can be dealt with more effectively and efficiently without irritating distractions. Patients can make an appointment 24/7 and receive reminders in a way that suits their lifestyle. Meeting demand can not only help doctors maintain good relations and so retain their existing patients: Providing good services can also go a long way to attracting new ones: Therefore ensuring that your medical practice remains at least inline if not one step ahead of the competition.

Automated Appointment Scheduling – That’s No Mistake

November 7th, 2010

Patient appointment scheduling is a fundamental necessity for every medical practitioner and/or practice – Indeed, where would we be without schedules! Invariably it is a time consuming task which demands the attention of front-desk. Incessant phone calls and inpatient patients can push even the most experienced and dedicated receptionist to the max – We are only Human after all: Which brings us to the solution: Automated patient appointment scheduling.

Safe Mode

Indeed, it is the age of the machine and while there may be certain tasks that will always be better deal with by humans, some are not. Automated appointment scheduling systems can work 24/7. The software never need a break and is always in the same mood….or perhaps we should say mode….. They can also multi task beyond your imagination!

Ease the Pressure

In a busy medical practice staff are invariably pushed to the max: Dealing with patients in the here and now as well as answer the phone, schedule patient appointments AND make reminder calls can get tricky (to say the least) – Sometimes simply impossible – Hence, tempers can (and do) become frayed. Automated appointment scheduling software can be used 24/7 or can be used to back-up the front desk whenever the pressure is on.

Patient Satisfaction

Not only will staff be glad of the helping hand; patients will also be more satisfied: Their call will be answered more quickly and patients at the front desk can also be dealt with more professionally (and faster) without said distractions. All in all, appointment scheduling software can help improve overall medical practice management as well as patient satisfaction – That surely has to be good news for everyone.

Reliable – Cost Effective

Automated appointment scheduling software offers up a reliable solution that is extremely cost-effective. Some of America’s leading medical practices are already using automated appointment scheduling systems – Because they work! The software can be particularly useful when cross-scheduling patient appointments for a doctor working in several practices: Resolving this potential administrative nightmare with ease.

Web-based systems are easy to use – They require neither installation nor maintenance. Pushed staff invariably means mistakes are made…and this can cost in many ways: Almost definitely more than the system itself…

Making the Most of Your Online Appointment Scheduler

October 16th, 2010

While getting an online appointment scheduling system is a step in the right direction toward a better medical practice, you have to learn all of the features to really make use of the online scheduler to its full potential. These are some key features that you should know.

Automated appointment

The key feature of the online appointment scheduler is the ability you provide to your patients to make appointments themselves. Basically you are giving the liberty to your patients to make the appointment without any time restriction; meaning, they are not bound by the usual 9 to 5 working hours. That’s the beauty of the online appointment scheduling system: it can run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It works a treat for both your patients and your medical practice, since the system can run automatically, it does not need any supervision from your end. It means it will also cut down your operational costs.

Customizable forms

You can create customizable forms for your patients to answer when they make the appointments. The forms can be used by doctors to ask questions regarding the nature of their visits. The questions can be made as detailed as possible or something basic, all depends on each doctor’s needs. It’s a great way to improve the medical service you provide to the patients, as the information is already available prior to their visits. Further, it allows you to take more patients within a day as the visit time per patient can be cut down.

Online patient reminder

No medical practice likes patient no-shows. One of the key features of an online appointment scheduler is the online patient reminder. This feature allows the system to remind the patients about their appointments either by phone call, e-mail or text messages. By having the online patient reminder in place, no longer will you be wondering whether your staff has called a patient to remind about their appointments, because the system will make sure of that. It’s worth nothing that the system is very reliable and dependable.

The features mentioned above are just some of many features that you can use to enhance the performance and level of service of your medical practice. There are many more that we will cover in the next post.

Let Your Patients Fill Forms before Appointment

October 1st, 2010

While the use of forms in medical practice is not new, you do not have to use the forms in the same old way. Use this tried and tested method in a new way to serve your patients even better, which is what will bring the desired revenue. You should not wait until a patient has booked an appointment for you to use a form to collect necessary data. Let the patients fill the forms before coming for appointment by integrating the forms into your online medical scheduler.

The forms that you integrate into your medical appointment scheduling program will give you several advantages. They are easy to customize to suit the types of services you are offering. This means that the patients will fill forms that are specifically targeted to their needs. The forms will ask questions that are directly related to the type of appointment they want to make, and all they have to do is fill in the necessary details.

You will thus have pertinent information about the patients before they come for appointment, putting you in a better position to serve them more effectively. In addition, you will save time, as you will not try to get the details during the appointment. Appointment scheduling software that uses customizable forms will therefore help you to ‘kill two birds with the same stone’, as it were. You will use less time while you serve more patients better.

Such an online scheduler will help you to get more accurate information. The patients will take time to fill the necessary details, so you will not need to rush to take notes by hand, which is prone to errors. The electronic forms will also remove the need for paper forms, something that will not only help your medical practice but the world at large. You will play an important part in placing less demand for resources and helping to have a cleaner environment at the same time.

When you are shopping for a medical appointment program, look for one that integrates customizable forms that allow you to collect relevant information before appointment. Such an apparently simple add-on will go a long way in improving the efficiency of your medical practice.

Features That The Best Medical Management Software Should Have

September 7th, 2010

Getting a medical management software is a good solution if you feel that your medical practice is beginning to experience an overload of patients — one that might jeopardize the quality of your service. Upon searching for the software, you may come across those that are free to use. However, they will not have all the features that your medical practice can really benefit from. These are the features that the best medical management software should have.

Online scheduler, as part of the medical management software, should be high on the list of things that your medical practice should have in place. With the online scheduler, you can let your medical staff concentrate on providing the highest level of care for incoming patients, instead of being confined to taking phone calls and writing down notes. Further, patients can simply go online to book appointments, pick from the available time slot and have the system remind them as the date of the appointment nears.

That’s right, the best medical management software should have an automatic patient reminder feature that can remind patients, according to their preferred method, that their appointment is coming soon. This way — not only will you be doing your patient a favor by making sure that they are not missing their appointment, but you will also improve the bottom line of your medical practice — as you cut down patient no-shows.

Another important feature that the system should have is the ability to take prepaid appointments. For example, let’s say that a patient is making their booking online. The patient can only secure an available time slot if they pay in advance for the future medical service — or called as prepaid appointments. So if for any reason the patient couldn’t make it to your medical practice, you are not losing the revenue since it’s already been paid.

The best medical management software should also be affordable and flexible in how they charge the service. you should  look for services that doesn’t require any long-term contract (Thus service is renewed on a monthly basis )– depending on the needs of your medical practice.

There you have it, some features that can improve the quality of your medical practice and make it run more efficient.

Embrace Technology by Using An Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling System

August 23rd, 2010

If you are still running your medical office the medieval way, in other words, doing things manually; you may need some reminding that the year is now 2010. It is about time that you embrace technology to manage your medical office run more efficiently! If you are still on the fence about making that leap to the 21st century, understand that when you move to an automated system; it will definitely affect your bottom line positively — among other things. One such technology that has been used by thousands of those in the health-care industry is the online doctor appointment scheduling system.

The online doctor appointment scheduling system has all it takes to transform your good medical management into a flawless one. Basically, the system will allow patients to make their appointments at a time they feel most convenient. Your patients can log on to the appointment scheduling system easily and choose a time that they are free. Since everything is done automatically, you will not have to deal with errors and mistakes usually associated with manual management. There won’t be any overlapping of appointments, so both patients and doctors will truly benefit from the system.

The online appointment scheduling system can also be used as a medical answering service. This is especially useful if your medical office is bombarded with patients. Instead of burdening your medical staff to answer phone calls — when they should be focusing more on giving care to the patients — you can let the system answers every phone call with no hassle. What’s even better, the system can take more than one call at a time. So your patients will never experience any busy tone ever again while calling your medical office. The system can communicate in multiple languages, which include French, Chinese and English — the latter is the default language setting.

Another useful feature that the online scheduling system has is the patient reminding feature. This is very useful to cut down patient no-shows, because patients will be automatically reminded by the system about their appointments. They can choose to be contacted through different means at a time they feel most convenient.

To conclude, it is up to you to whether or not you want to embrace technology so that you don’t get left behind by your competitors. But we believe that you will make the right decision and choose to embrace it.

Add Customizable Forms to Your Online Scheduler

August 18th, 2010

When you are looking for the best  online appointment scheduling program for your medical practice, there are a number of important things you will need to consider. Your appointment scheduling software should be convenient to your patients, staff, and yourself. One of the ways through which you can achieve this is to use an online scheduler that gives you plenty of room in customizing it to suit your individual circumstances.

There are different types of customizations that you should be in a position to carry out. For instance, your medical appointment scheduling software should let you define the names, duration, time of service of your various types of appointments so that the patients will clearly know which type they need to book.

Wait, since US and Canadian doctors are using so many type of forms to collect information from their patients, what about we customize those forms and let patients fill the form BEFORE the appointment time?

GREAT! Another important feature that your self-service patient appointment scheduling program should give you is the ability to customize a form with questions that are relevant to each type of appointment you have. The patients who are booking their appointments via the service will get a form that asks them particular questions related to the appointments they are making. They will simply fill in the details that you need.

Using such a form during appointment scheduling has several benefits.

Since you will customize the questions depending on the type of appointment, you will be able to collect info on target questions. Say good bye to standard paper form. You collect your info efficiently, accurately and electronically.

When patients fill out the required form prior to appointment time,  you save time on appointment preparation and will be able to serve them better during appointment.

Looking for a online scheduler that allows you to add customized appointment forms for each type of appointment. Such a feature improves your business efficiency and patient service and will be a valuable add-on to have.

The Advantages of Using An Online Patient Appointment Scheduling System

August 16th, 2010

Though you feel that you are already running your medical office efficiently, you do know that there’s always room for improvement? One way to make it run even more efficiently and effectively is to make your medical office automated. Not to say that you will be hiring robots or the likes, but simply get a system that can replace some of the manual processes usually involved in running the office. You shouldn’t shy away from technology, especially one that can increase your bottom line. One of the best systems that you can use to achieve that goal is the online patient appointment scheduling system.

The online patient appointment scheduling system has been recommended by doctors and medical offices around the country due to its reliability and dependability. When you have the system in place, it can schedule your patients’ appointments accurately. Meaning, there won’t be one slot occupied by two patients. The best thing about the system is that it can run unsupervised and with no human interference at all. Thus, reducing the risk of human errors. Patients can easily log in to the system and book the time slot they feel convenient the most. Easy, simple and efficient — both to your medical office and your patients.

Wait, there’s more! Using the advanced feature, the system will automatically synchronize the data with your online calendar, such as Google Calendar. Both doctors and patients will be able to view the data using smartphones, such as the iPhone and Blackberry. If somehow the doctor need to make some changes to the appointment, he can do so just by logging into the website. The changes made will also be informed directly to the patient.

If your medical office has been plagued by a large amount of patient no-shows,  you’d be glad to know that the system also has a feature that will remind the patients about their appointments. No more burdening your medical staff to do mundane works of manually calling the patients one by one to remind them of their appointments, the patient reminder system will do it automatically. Best of all, your patients can select how they would like to be reminded — either through text and e-mail messages or phone calls.

All in all, getting the online patient appointment scheduling system will not only make your medical office run more effectively, but it will also improve your bottom line — as you can reduce patient no-shows significantly.

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