Chiropractors like benefits offered by online scheduler

November 24th, 2008

Chiropractors come in all shapes in sizes. Some chiropractic clinics are very large, have several providers or professionals, and a decent sized staff of a receptionists. Others are smaller, may have one chiropractor, and may only operate with one receptionist. Regardless of the size of the clinic, any chiropractor can benefit from the new technology advantages presented by an online scheduler. An automated appointment scheduling software program is a fast-growing tool used by many medical practices to take advantage of growth in online bookings and to present an efficient and practical automated appointment scheduler and patient relationship management solution.

Online business continues to grow rapidly. Internet sales transactions currently account for about six percent of all purchases. This number is expected to grow by 2-3 percent per year for the next several years. Internet sales along have been growing at an impressive clip of 20-25 percent per year. Part of the reason for the rapid growth in online business transactions is that the internet is now used for business by companies that do not actually deliver a product or service online. Two service-oriented industries that do not offer online solutions, travel and healthcare, are prime examples of businesses that now leverage the online forum for growth. Thanks to advancements in technology, the best in class automated appointment scheduler not only allows consumers to schedule appointments online, it also enables the chiropractor to collect patient data for relationship maintenance and automated email reminders.

The online scheduler can be customized based on the needs of the chiropractor. Appointment timeframes vary and appointment information needed does as well. The chiropractor can set up their online appointment reminder to fit their needs. This not only benefits of the practice it is a great service. The practice benefits in that the online scheduler is much more cost-efficient appointment scheduler than a live agent. The chiropractor is also able to build and maintain important patient relationships and reduce patient no-shows with automated email reminders and phone reminders.

Patients appreciate the ability to use the online medical scheduler as opposed to having to potentially waste time trying to make a phone call. Receptionists are busy, some leave for lunch, and others may be stressed or busy with paperwork. With an online appointment scheduler, the patient can schedule appointment times quickly, receive automated email reminders, and schedule their appointments at any time day or night. It is all about convenience for today’s busy consumer.

The online appointment scheduler is an all around profitable tool for any chiropractor. The benefits of an online scheduler combined with the modest costs and little to no ongoing maintenance are extreme. The best in class automated appointment scheduler should also come with a database backup to ensure key patient data is protected and usable. Privacy is also a necessary factor in getting the best online scheduler for a chiropractic office. Consumers are still concerned about protection of their personal information when share on the web.

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