Decreasing No-shows – Doctor Appointment Scheduling Software

July 23rd, 2011

Regardless of whether an organisation is large or small, the problem of reducing no-shows remains the same: If they fail to reduce them, time as well as revenue is lost. Today with the advancements made in doctor appointment scheduling software and systems the percentage of no-shows can be reduced more easily – Through automation.

The stats and research indicate that automated doctor appointment reminder calls can have a positive affect upon no-show percentages. Today patient appointment software and web based systems are being utilised by large and small health organisations throughout he US and Canada – For exactly this reason: They work!

Improving Services

Both staff and doctors can access these systems: Utilizing them to schedule patient appointments as well as deal with reminder calls and even emergency calls – Depending upon how advanced the system is. Some web–based systems also allow patients to go online and schedule a doctor appointment 24/7: A notable plus for many people with busy lives and schedules. After all, nowadays more and more people are using the internet to buy products and services – Giving them the opportunity to make their doctor appointment online therefore makes a lot of sense. Plus, online 24/7 appointment scheduling helps to take the heat of the front desk. A positive step by all accounts. The more time staff has to deal with more pressing tasks the better overall medical practice management and so patient services will invariably be.

Automated Reminder Calls

Automated systems can make patient reminder calls at a designated time: On time every time. More advanced systems are multi-lingual and can make hundreds of calls in a short space of time. A feat hard to match by anything other than a machine! Patients have the option to confirm, reschedule and cancel their doctor appointment with ease. In some instances a SMS text and/or email reminder can also be sent.

The stats have shown that automated patient appointment reminder calls can notably reduce no-shows. Less missed appointments means less missed revenue and wasted time. In this way an automated system can be very cost-effective. Easy to utilise and financially viable: No wonder so many of the largest health organisations are getting automated. So, question is, why aren’t you?

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