Dental patients love online scheduler

December 2nd, 2008

Many dental providers are seeing excellent benefits in operational efficiency and patient relationships through the use of an online scheduler. An online scheduler enables patients to schedule appointments and receive an automated appointment reminder through the web.

The reality of business today is that consumers are moving online at a fast-pace. Even face-to-face industries and service solutions are beginning to seeing the opportunities to offer appointments, bookings, and transactions through the web. A web-based dental appointment scheduler is a solution that dental practices must not only embrace for competitive advantages it is one that soon is going to be a competitive necessity.

There are many benefits to patients with a web-based appointment scheduler. First, internet sales are climbing at a pace around 20-25 percent per year and are expected to grow to about twelve percent of all business transactions by 2011-2012. This means that people are spending more time looking to make purchases online.

Additionally, many people are using the web for self-diagnosis of healthcare issues and are therefore an audience for providers that target consumers on the web. An online appointment scheduler is also an efficient and hassle-free experience for many people. The ability to schedule an appointment on your own, without the hassle of dealing with a busy receptionist, and at any time day or night, is desired by many people.

Speaking of those busy receptionists that are often stressed and fatigued from multi-tasking in a busy dental practice, they benefit as well from an online scheduler. As more patient traffic is moved to a web-based dental appointment scheduler, the receptionist does not have to manage as many routine appointment scheduling phone calls. This frees them up to offer more personalized attention to in-clinic patients or callers with more demanding needs. They are also more capable of completing other important office tasks including all-important insurance claims paperwork that is a key driver of office revenue. Morale of the office staff is greatly improved if the receptionist is not overwhelmed. In turn, patients also get a better experience when visiting the dentist office.

There are many excellent benefits to the dental practice as well when an automated appointment scheduler is used. First, it provides an additional medium to connect with potential new patients. As mentioned, many people surf the web and look for information on healthcare issues online. This means there is an audience available on the web that may not reach out to you on the phone or in person. Maintaining patient relationships is also important to the long-term success of any healthcare practice. When patients use an online scheduler, their data is collected and an automated e-mail appointment reminder program is used to reduce patient no-shows. Data collected is secured and private with the best online scheduler solutions. Most also come with effective backup systems that help ensure that dental providers can track patient behavior, monitor trends with no-shows and missed appointments, and also contact patients to schedule follow up visits.

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