Discover WHY More and More Medical Practices are Turning To Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

February 12th, 2012

More and more private medical practices and sole practitioners are following in the footsteps of some of the largest medical institutes in the US and Canada: By implementing medical appointment scheduling software to deal with patient appointments as well as patient reminder calls. An automated medical appointment scheduler can help to streamline workflows and so improve services. Advanced appointment scheduling software can be customized to suit individual practitioners, practices and specialist clinics. For practitioners and organizations with multiple sites a professional online appointment scheduling system can centralize scheduling and can be accessed by any internet connection – Perfect for keeping practitioners in touch and updated in real time. While advanced a well-organized system should be quick and easy to understand. Online systems require no maintenance and usually offer support – You may well be surprised and just how easy, efficient and cost-effective it can be!

Reducing No-Shows
Reducing no-shows can only be of benefit to both practitioners and patients: No-shows as well as last minute cancellations and re-scheduling costs. Lost appointments can never be recuperated. They cost the practitioner and they cost patients. Medical appointment scheduling software can deal with patient reminder calls. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows and yet in a busy medical practice it is not always possible to get those calls made. An automated appointment scheduler can ensure those calls are made. Patient´s have the opportunity to confirm, re-schedule or cancel their up and coming appointment. Some more advanced appointment scheduling systems can also send text reminder and/or email. In addition, they can track cancellations which means you can decipher which patients are repeat “offenders”.

Reliability Counts
A HIPPA compliant system is the safest and securest. When choosing medical appointment scheduling software the privacy of your patients should be at the forefront of your mind. Free systems often come with a price, and that price is the privacy of your patients. Opting for a HIPPA compliant system with a company that has proven to be reliable and secure is the responsible way forward. In addition, the systems provided by companies with a proven track-record usually provide the best functionality: After all, they have the experience it takes to develop their systems to help your team work smarter not harder!

Prepare For Growth
Medical appointment scheduling software offers up a myriad of advantages and has helped small and large health organizations across America streamline workflows and improve services – Bottom line as to why they use it? Because it works!

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