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January 23rd, 2011

Organization is essential for efficient medical practice management: Dealing with patients attending your practice, answering calls, scheduling appointments as well as reminder calls, billing and all the other tasks set out for office staff can (and do) take their toll. Mistakes can and are made and tempers have been known to fray – Indeed, medical staff turnover is notoriously high. And while experienced medical staff understand that this can be a demanding environment, and invariably accept this as ‘the way it is’, there are cost-effective ways to take the pressure off the front desk and so help to improve overall medical practice management.

Appointment scheduling software can deal with much more than making a doctor appointment. Appointment scheduling software can deal with appointments in and out of office hours: It can answer the phone when your front desk is busy or be utilized 24/7…the choice is yours. Some more advanced systems can also deal with emergency calls and doctor appointment reminders.

Reminder Calls

While intentions may always be good, in a busy practice there are times when reminder calls will be low down on the priority list despite the fact they have proven to reduce no-shows.  This is because invariably (and quite correctly) patients attending the practice will take priority. Automated scheduling systems can be configured to make reminder calls at a specific time: By telephone call, SMS and email. The patient has the option to cancel their doctor appointment, re-schedule and confirm. Advanced systems are extremely reliable and FAST. Indeed, they can make calls much faster than even the deftest and most experienced medical receptionist.

Reduce No-Shows

Reminder calls have proven to reduce the percentage of no-shows. Automated appointment scheduling software is able to make those calls regardless of how busy your medical practice is – On time every time. Not only is software so much faster (making it very cost-effective) it can also help to increase revenue: By reducing no-shows and so avoiding lost revenue which can never be recuperated. Plus, this is one less task for the front-desk. Combine this with the fact your medical receptionist has back-up if and when needed and both your staff and patients should notice how much quieter and organized your practice is – Definitely  good for business….`

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