Doctor Appointment Scheduling Software – Best For Both Worlds

October 3rd, 2011

Ensuring patients’ doctor appointments are well organized is not just important for doctors and medical staff: It is also very important to patients. A disorganized medical practice does not bode well to new patients and can drive people to seek treatment elsewhere.

Overbooking to counteract no-shows is a strategy some doctors use to ensure time is not lost: Time is money and no-shows can be costly if the averages are high. And this can create a certain “state of balance” for some medical practitioners who do no have high no-show averages. Even so, consistently overbooking can generally cause as many problems as it solves – When the no-shows “show” patients are left waiting in reception. There is another way. Doctor appointment scheduling software and systems can not only deal with scheduling a patient´s doctor appointment: Automated appointment scheduling systems (primarily web-based doctor appointment scheduling software) can also deal with patient appointment reminders.

Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling

Web-based doctor appointment scheduling software provides 24/7 patient scheduling. This can help to take the pressure off the front desk: AND it can be a welcome service with patients. Web-based systems can send patient appointment reminders by SMS and email as well as carry out an automated call. The patient has the opportunity to confirm their doctor appointment, reschedule or cancel. The stats show time and time again that appointment reminders can notably reduce no-show percentages. The problem is often finding the time. With an automated appointment scheduling system in place the reminders will be sent on time ever time.

Patient & Doctor Benefits

Patients benefit from an organized and accessible doctor appointment scheduling system 24/7. Ensuring those reminder calls are made helps to lower no-show averages which means doctors do not have to “cover the angles” by overbooking. In turn by lowering no-shows “in real terms” patients can be seen quicker and not left “clock watching” in the waiting room – Lowering no-shows is therefore beneficial for doctors and patients. Web-based doctor appointment scheduling software has proven to be efficient and cost-effective for sole medical practitioners as well as larger organizations. Web-based appointment scheduling software varies. What suits you most will depend on the features your medical practice needs to keep organized. Why not try one and find out?

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