Free Medical Appointment Scheduling Software – Is It Worth It?

September 25th, 2011

More and more medical practitioners are considering the advantages of a medical appointment scheduling software: And there are many. There are many options available with regards to software- From fairly basic and fundamental programs which primarily deal with organization to more advanced systems which allows patients to make, confirm, reschedule and cancel their doctor appointment online or by phone call. Unquestionably, there are many choices available. And when weighing up those options a major consideration is usually cost.

The cost of medical appointment scheduling software and systems varies considerably. Free appointment scheduling software is readily available. The cost of paid, online appointment scheduling systems usually depends upon the features utilized and demand – Somewhat akin to a mobile phone contract. The monthly cost could range from somewhere around twenty-five dollars a month to a few hundred dollars. But why pay at all you might ask? The short answer to that is patient privacy.

Free Appointment Scheduling Software
As they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch: And with regards to a free online scheduler or appointment scheduling software this is often the case. Invariably the service company providing free access to an appointment scheduling system or software will in fact be recuperating costs by selling the user´s data. For some businesses and perhaps private, alternative practitioners this may not be a violation of patient privacy. However, for a doctor´s medical practice this would be exactly that.

Cost Effective
Appointment scheduling software can deal with patient appointment scheduling as well as reminder calls. For most medical practitioners this is the most cost effective way to offer 24/7 scheduling options to patients as well as ensure patient appointment reminder calls are made on time every time: Invariably reducing no-shows and so improving revenues and efficiency. No-shows can cost much over the months and years. Often automated patient appointment software and systems will pay for themselves simply by reducing no-shows.

Ask Yourself..
A violation of patient privacy could cost that medical practice dearly – Even in the short term. This is something that should be seriously considered when choosing appointment scheduling software –  With paid appointment scheduling software being highly cost-effective for most taking chances with patient data is very risky: Really, is it worth it for a free lunch?

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