Free Patient Appointment Scheduling Systems – What Are They Worth?

October 13th, 2012

The modern way of dealing with patient appointment scheduling is to use an automated online scheduler or in-house medical appointment scheduling software. Both solutions are more efficient than pen and paper. An outdated practice riddled with errors and so problems. If you are looking for a patient appointment scheduling solution then an online scheduler is an excellent solution. Unlike in-house software an online scheduler is maintanance free. You will find free online appointment scheduling systems available. The problem with free systems is they usually come with a list of terms and conditions: And all too often those terms and conditions include sharing certain information with third parties. For medical practitioners this can be skating on thin ice with regards to HIPAA guideline – Hence, it really is in the interest of your patients as well as your medical practice to opt for a HIPAA compliant online scheduler. For this reason alone it is worth paying.

There are several tactics that can be used to help your medical practice reduce no-shows. Patient reminder calls and postal reminders have proven to help reduce no-shows. However, they can be time consuming. An online automated system can deal with many aspects of patient appointment scheduling. The system can be used by patients to book a doctor appointment online: It can deal with all patient appoint scheduling calls to your medical practice: It can also make scheduled patient appointment reminder calls as well as send SMS and email reminders. Advanced systems can also provide your staff with the information they need to pinpoint patients consistently missing their appointment. Without doubt, an advanced system can deal with many aspects of patient appointment scheduling.

Streamline Workflows
Patient appointment scheduling is vital to every medical practitioner: It is impossible to function without scheduling. However, it can really consume the time of your staff, unnecessarily. Imagine how much extra time your staff will have to deal with other tasks if they do not have to deal with patient scheduling? For the most, patient services are improved as workflows become more streamlined.

Basic systems can be utilised by your medical practice for the cost of cable a month. While some systems are highly customisable and feature rich, there is little point paying for features you do not need. Free trials allow you to try out some of the features and assess which are the most essential and to your medical practice and patients. By ensuring you only pay for what you really need trials can save you a lot of money in the long run: So take advantage of them.

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