Get Rid of the ‘I Forgot’ Syndrome

October 18th, 2009

When you set up appointments in your medical practice, not all of them will be scheduled to take place within a few hours or even days. Some appointments are scheduled several weeks ahead. This calls for a very good patient appointment reminder system to ensure that every patient is kept up to date on his or her upcoming appointment. A number of studies that have been carried out to determine the reasons for patient no-shows indicate that a very high percentage is due to forgetfulness.

Do away with boredom and fatigue

Although you have a receptionist, you should not leave this task to your staff if you would really like to maximise the potential of your medical practice. Reminders are repetitive tasks where human beings are prone to making errors over time. Calling patients manually is quite an involving task that will wear out your receptionist, and this will affect your business negatively in the long run. You should therefore set up an automated appointment reminder service in order to ensure that every patient is well catered for.

When your receptionist is worn out, the type of service given may not be as professional as required. A good appointment reminder service will enable you to contact your patients in a professional manner at all times, which will build their confidence. Such systems will enable you to record messages that will be played to your patients automatically. A versatile system will allow you to record a different message to be played to a voice-mail service if you so wish. What’s more, the multilingual appointment reminder will enable you to contact your patients in the languages that are most relevant to them. And since the automated appointment reminder does not get tired, your patients will be contacted round the clock in the same professional way.


A good office automation system will help you to lower your operating costs significantly while boosting your revenue at the same time. You won’t have to hire additional staff to take care of your requirements adequately. With a good automated appointment reminder, you won’t need to install costly hardware or software. Basically, you will just enter the details of your patients in online appointment reminder software that will take care of the rest.

Don’t let opportunities pass you by through patient no-shows. Set up a good reminder program instead.

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