Get Your Medical Office Assistant an Assistant

November 25th, 2008

Your medical office assistant knows all too well how busy one day can be. Depending on the type of medical front desk you operate, there can be appointment scheduling, patient reminder calls and in-coming calls to juggle. Your assistant may have responsibility for product orders, billing, insurance reimbursements, maybe even feeding the dogs and picking up the dry cleaning.

This multitasking is why medical office assistants are so valuable to dentists, doctors, chiropractors and other busy health care professionals. They do pretty much everything. Without a dependable assistant, one of those balls will drop and then the whole show crumbles. If your office operation comes to a halt, patients may not receive the quality health care they need in a timely, safe and organized fashion. On the other hand, even your highly efficient medical office assistant can use some help to make your office the most efficient that it can be. This is where an online medical scheduler service will make you both shine.

Humans need to sleep. You cannot ask an employee to work 24 hours a day, 7 hours a day (only residents work that much!). An online medical scheduler service does not sleep. The beauty of having a 24/7 back up receptionist is that when your office is really busy, callers do not have to wait for someone to answer the phone. After a specified number of rings your automated program will pick up the slack.

Make sure to get a package that includes appointment scheduling software. This will help your staff efficiently handle setting and changing appointments, a well known challenge. This feature can eliminate the confusion that sometimes arises when different office staff making appointments.

Multilingual appointment reminder is a unique feature to look for in an online scheduler service. You may be fortunate enough to have one bilingual assistant, but multilingual? We should all be that lucky.

Web-based doctor appointment scheduling not only takes a lot off your assistant’s plate, but a growing number of people prefer to do everything they can online. When your patients have the option to go online, make an appointment, at any time of the day and receive a confirmation right away, you have a major potential for expanding your patient base. It could be a selling point.

Instant answering service is very important in emergencies. An online medical scheduling service can connect the patient’s call directly to the doctor with no delay. While it may seem counterintuitive, human answering services are actually worse when it comes to triaging phone calls.

Automated telephone reminders not only save your assistant valuable time, but will also save money on patient no-shows. Creating a reversal in revenue loss without added staff time is about as good as it can get.

Often health care offices have a medical front desk receptionist in addition to a medical assistant to handle the normal crazy flow of a busy office. With a good online medical scheduler you may need only your star medical assistant, which will save greatly on operating costs. Plus, your valuable assistant will be freed up to do more important things like put that precious time into better quality patient care.

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