Get Your Medical Practice Ahead With Office Automation – Web-Based Doctor Appointment Scheduling

January 22nd, 2012

Web-based doctor appointment scheduling can help your medical practice stay ahead by streamlining workflows and improving services cost-effectively. Web-based doctor appointment scheduling can help sole practitioners and medical practices deliver the services today´s patient needs. Automated 24/7 appointment scheduling is convenient for patients, staff and practitioners. Sole practitioners can particularly benefit from office automation and web-based scheduling. These online systems can provide a ´virtual receptionist´: At hand to deal with appointment scheduling, patient appointment reminder calls and emergency calls – And they can do this at a fraction of the cost of hiring a ´real-life´ receptionist.

What Can It Do?
The features available vary. The more fundamental features include 24/7 online scheduling and patient appointment reminder calls. Some services can answer calls to the front desk, either permanently or during busy periods. Some are multi-lingual, which is particularly useful for doctors working in cosmopolitan areas.

How Much Will It Cost?
The features vary as do costs. In many instances costs are relative to usage – Not dissimilar to a mobile/communications contract: Hence, it is a very good idea to ensure you have the features you need and are not paying for features you do not need. Trials are a good way to define what features are going to be the most essential and the most cost-effective for you.

What Is Essential?
No-shows cost the health industry millions of dollars every year. Patient appointment reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. However, if the no-show averages of your practice are not significant this service may not be cost-effective for you. Online appointment scheduling may be able reduce the number of calls to the front desk: Thus allowing staff to deal with more demanding tasks and the patients at hand. Nevertheless, this may not be enough to notably reduce the pressure upon front desk staff. For a very busy practice automating calls to the front desk might be essential to improve workflows and so improve patient services. It is possible to try out some of the web-based doctor appointment scheduling systems available. This provides an excellent opportunity to discover exactly what is and what is not essential for your practice. Get it right and you will get ahead….

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