Growing web traffic leads healthcare providers to offer online scheduler

October 23rd, 2008

When the World Wide Web revolutionized business and media during the mid-1990s, some thought that there would be no need for regular brick-and-mortar business and industry. This soon proved to not be the case as people still found many great benefits for finding products and services in the traditional business setting. After a transition period during the turn of the century, the internet has begun to find itself and marketers are starting to recognize the opportunities of leveraging the best of the web with the traditional business benefits. Healthcare providers are even seeing the opportunities offered through web based scheduling solutions that offer 24/7 patient scheduling, self-service patient scheduling and more.

Economic efficiency has long been considered an advantage of the web based scheduling. Businesses have seen that they can reach audiences in less expensive way if they communicate effectively. Medical practices that do not leverage the new media opportunities offered through web based scheduling and website are missing out on great opportunities to find new patients and maintain relationships with current patients. Consumers are quickly being ingrained to look to the web first when a need arises. In fact, only about six per cent of product purchases are currently made online. However, a much higher percent of product buys are tied to some sort of web-based research. This is certainly the trend in the healthcare industry as many people are beginning to turn to the web for self-diagnosis and support for health issues.

A medical practice that has a web presence benefits from this movement of health resources to the web. Some even share basic tips and information from their own site as a marketing tool to attract visitors to their practice. With the traffic flow, the healthcare provider can then use an online scheduler backed by appointment scheduling software to capture some new patients. Many industries like travel, hospitality, and healthcare are experiencing huge growth in online transactions or contacts.

Along with having a presence where the audience goes, a medical practice that offers 24/7 appointment scheduling on the web can potentially save on human resources. Personalized attention from a live receptionist is still necessary in today’s market. But, there is also a large contingent of consumers who would prefer to use online medical scheduling from the comfort of their homes. This is simpler, hassle-free, and avoids having to wait for a busy receptionist to follow through. Plus, an online scheduler has a much higher accuracy rate than a busy receptionist.

Many small and medium medical practices could potentially enhance their profit greatly through the use of a web-based doctor appointment scheduling solution. A modest investment in a software solution is much less expensive than paying a part time receptionist who may have off days. The online scheduler is not prone to emotional trauma or human error and is a great backup for reaching efficiency and convenience seeking patients. Online medical scheduling is not just a business opportunity anymore, it is virtually a necessity for a competitive medical provider.

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