Hire an automated receptionist and give your overworked staff a break!

October 25th, 2008

The medical profession is a fast-paced community of people who are working long hours to provide health care to the people of the United States. There is always a high demand for people who have experience and education in the medical field. The caliber of people needs to be strong. The medical world is high stress, and some people simply can’t handle the long hours it takes to succeed.

Thankfully, technology is on our side. Have you heard about software that can replace a medical front desk receptionist? It absolutely exists! Your medical office can have the 24/7 help of an automated medical receptionist service. That’s right! You can have 24/7 medical reception.

The point of automated receptionists isn’t to just answer the phone after hours….they offer much more than that. This software can handle large volumes of phone calls, forward patients to the proper emergency services if needed, schedule appointments with patients and place call reminders to let patients know about their upcoming appointments. There is no need to be short-staffed with reception help when you have this automated service. Software won’t take a sick day and can handle all your phone system operations without getting stressed out. With automated medical front desk receptionists, you can be assured that the software is more reliable and cost efficient than if you hired someone to do the job.

Doctors simply can’t have someone sitting at the phones all hours of the day, waiting for calls. It would be expensive to staff an office afterhours or to farm it out to a secondary answering service. However; patients sometimes can’t wait until their doctor’s office opens in the morning to attempt to get an appointment scheduled. Not knowing if they can get in, many people who are ill chose to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night, because they have no clue what scheduling an appointment the next day will leave them with. Their doctor could be filled up with patients for the day, meaning they’ll have to wait another day at least to see their doctor. With an automated assistant…they’ll know if they can get in to see the doctor as soon as they call. They can schedule their appointment right then and there, even if its 2:00am. Now there’s no waiting. Give your patients the instant help they deserve.

Automated medical receptionist software is an amazing asset to the medical community. There are so many medical assistants in the United States that simply cannot handle all of the office work that needs to be done to run a successful medical establishment. Greeting patients and handling the stack of paperwork associated with insurance claims can be enough of a handful. Now, add on an overworked, stressed out assistant who has to juggle all of those tasks, but also needs to answer the phone every time it rings! They wouldn’t have 5 minutes to take break. This high demand, high stress work load will leave your staff discouraged and rushed. You can alleviate the stress by using automated medical software to handle the work of one person.

The quality of healthcare in the United States seems to be deteriorating because of the overwhelming job description that many in the medical profession face in their careers. Help put a stop to that. Invest in 24/7 medical receptionist front desk software and make your medical office as efficient as possible. Your patients will thank you.

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