How Automated Reminder Benefit Your Medical Practice

November 17th, 2008

Medical practitioners are often constrained to make reminder calls when they would rather be attending to a patient or making new contacts amongst their fraternity. There are several reasons why medical reminder calls are needed;

Medication reminders

Elderly patients who stay alone often need to be reminded to take their medicine on time.

Payment reminders

If as a doctor you have treated a patient on credit you may well have to do some following up to get paid. This could require a few reminder calls on your part.

Appointment reminders

Doctors often prefer to remind patients about an upcoming appointment so that if there is a cancellation happening; they can fill that time slot with another appointment.

Event reminder

If your clinic or medical care center is hosting an event; you may wish to make a reminder call to those invited.

All these reminder call, if made by medical office staff, can easily overload front-office receptionists and prevent them from attending other far more important task such as taking care of the visiting patient and answering medical emergancy calls.

An alternative is to install appointment reminder software that will ensure that making reminder calls becomes an easy and hassle-free affair. This will leave you and your staff with time to focus more on attending to the patients.

Medical practitioners are aware that “no show” by patients who have taken an appointment eats into their revenue. An appointment reminder software that works in conjunction with your online appointment scheduler can be used to great effect to minimize missed appointments. You can place reminder calls based on the appointment schedule of patients and if you wish you may request a call-back from the patient to reconfirm or reschedule the appointment.

You can program your appointment reminder software to make reminder calls in languages other than English. So, if you have a clientele that consists of more than just English speakers this is a useful feature to have.

Automated telephonic reminder call services help you trim operation costs and speed up your communication process. This makes your medical practice more focused and efficient. In order to select the right call reminder service for your medical center, compare features and costs. A service that follows a monthly billing pattern is preferable to one that charges six-monthly or annual fees. Check if the service provider offers a free trial. The service you opt for should be easy to set-up and run and at the same time it should ensure strict security for patient information stored in its own database or any other database that it is connected to. Also check for compatibility with existing software.

A call reminder service can vary not only the language of communication according to the patient but also the message type if it is communicating with an answering machine instead of an individual. You can send multiple reminders at the same time and accord different instructions for each reminder call.

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