How to help your Medical Front Desk Assistant?

November 6th, 2008

When your office is ready to hire a medical front desk assistant you will need to know what to expect from the one you hire. Hiring staff is always hard to do because you want to find someone who is dependable, reliable, and plans to stay there with you for quite a while. In order to do that you will need to offer something in return that will keep them at your office and not looking for something better on the other side.

Your medical front desk assistant will be the one that will set the impression that your patients will have on you. The medical front desk assistant will be in charge of answering the phones, greeting patients, scheduling appointments, preparing charts, billing, and more. The medical front desk assistant becomes the heart of a doctors’ office.

Because there are so many different jobs for the medical front desk assistant things can become hectic at times which can cause a delay in signing patients in, answering phones, scheduling appointments and assisting in other medical needs of the patients. There are several different ways that you can assist the medical front desk assistant to help him or her run the office more smoothly. This will have a positive affect on your patients and an overall increase in business just due to the fact that it is organized and all your patients’ needs are met.

With an online scheduler patients can log onto your website in order to make or change an appointment. This will give your receptionist enough time to do other duties to keep your office running smooth. Online schedulers are also used for other reasons besides scheduling appointments. It can also call out to scheduled patients as a reminder of an appointment.

Other features of an online scheduling software includes tracking stats to let you know how many appointments were kept, how many were cancelled on time, and how many never called in to cancel or showed up. This will help you to reassess your business and make any necessary changes to be more successful if you need to do any changes.

The medical front desk assistant can have more time to handle your clients’ needs directly. There are other software programs out there to assist the assistant in running the office. These programs include virtual medical receptionist to help with the front office, and a medical answering service, just to name a few. A one time investment in a software program will keep your business running more smoothly and will reduce the chance of making costly mistakes and an overall loss in your business.

When your medical office assistant needs time off you will be able to count on the virtual assistant to help you through the day until your assistant can return. Your patients will be more satisfied with their overall visit to your office and will return.

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