How To Reduce No-Shows? There is a Way

May 20th, 2012

No-shows cost: That´s an undeniable fact. While Doctors rarely regard themselves as paid an hourly wage, the fact is that a Doctors schedule dictates that Doctors revenues. Each scheduling opportunity missed, is revenue lost – The point being most crucially of all, that lost revenue cannot be recuperated, as time cannot be recuperated. Some medical practitioners resort to overbooking to counteract no-shows. However, what this saves them in revenue can cost them dearly in reputation. When everyone turns up the waiting room can become a chaotic place bursting with annoyed patients who´ve been left waiting longer than is generally “acceptable”.

Patient Reminder Calls
Patient appointment scheduling software can help you track those patients who are repeatedly missing appointments. Patient appointment reminder calls have proven to help reduce no-shows. Even so, some medical practices are not consistent with regards to making them. This can be for a number of reasons. Often, one person is not responsible for the task of patient appointment scheduling. This can result in miscommunication: One member of staff thinks the other has made them and visa-versa for example (this can be particularly true in a busy practice). Patient appointment scheduling (automated scheduling) can ensure patient reminder calls are made on schedule, without fail. More advanced online scheduling systems can also send reminders via SMS text as well as email. Dealing with reminder calls in this way can help to reduce no-shows cost effectively.

Information is All
Advanced appointment scheduling software can provide the data needed to pinpoint any patterns that might be occurring: Certain days of the week, appointment times; even tracking no-shows for specific medical physicians is possible. Automated reminder calls can help to reduce no-shows and because the system can collect relevant data appointment scheduling software is able to reveal correlations between certain demographics and no-shows – As they say, “information is all”.

Automated patient appointment scheduling can help to reduce the pressure on the front desk. Releasing them from this routine task gives them more time to deal with patients needs and more demanding tasks. Streamlining workflows in this way can make your medical practice more productive than ever. Reducing no-shows can help to raise revenues and reduce waiting times.

Many Advantages
Automated appointment scheduling offers up a world of benefits to staff, doctors and patients. Systems can often be customized to suit the specific needs – Particularly useful for medical practitioners who work in several locations as well as medical practices with several specialist clinics available. Even so, one of the greatest advantages of all is its ability to help reduce no-shows.

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