How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection FREE of charge!

January 8th, 2009

Internet accelerators are essentially tools that could help your medical practice become more productive, more efficient and leave your staff less stressed. It is easy to enhance your office organization by learning proper computing habits and taking advantage of the various free Internet web accelerators that are available. You may see a speed increase up to 10 or 20 times faster than your office currently has. The two most popular freebies are the Google Web Accelerator and Fasterfox by Mozilla Firefox. These applications are simple to download, implemented in minutes, enabling the user quicker browsing through Internet pages.

The Google’s Web Accelerator is probably the best bet since its many features overlap much of what Fasterfox offers and since it utilizes Google indexed pages, you are getting the best of the Internet. If you use the Firefox browser than you will probably want to use Fasterfox as your web accelerator for better compatibility.

The jury is still out on using both simultaneously so it’s not recommended. Both options offer faster Internet access, which is the desired result after all. The Google internet accelerator is optimized for broadband users specifically; many medical practices are DSL customers and they will find a notable increase in speed.

The same cannot be said for Dial up users who may only notice the slightest increase in speed. There are other accelerators available for dial up connections since these applications were originally designed to speed up a dial up connection.

Freeware programs to accelerate your Internet connection, browsing, and downloading will increase productivity in your medical office with those non-encrypted, secure online applications such as perhaps appointment schedulers. Accessing your appointment booking software more quickly can only increase your efficiency. If you use online resources for research the accelerators will save time, waiting on page loads and every second counts in a busy medical practice.

Free Internet accelerators use advanced compression technology that reduces the size of the online pages, reuses the pages you have already visited [page caching], and establishes a more reliable connection with the modem.

Although some paid web accelerators may provide a greater boost of Internet speed, the free ones can give you the speed you need. Depending on the Accelerator’s settings, your hard drives free space will be under a heavy demand, as will your Internet connection, not a good thing if your Internet account is pay per byte, or your broadband account slows once you hit a certain download or upload limit.

Many small businesses and professional medical practices believe they already have a fast Internet connection. They will be pleasantly surprised in the increased speed and efficiency they will enjoy with a free Web accelerator. Considering the overall performance and the significant increase in Internet speed, free Internet accelerators could be a good idea to increase your medical offices current high speed Internet. Keep in mind, however, that although very efficient, free Internet accelerators cannot guarantee an increase of speed of all you Internet activities.

Since broadband speed is often subject to wild variations such as where you live, who your ISP is, how far you are from the telephone exchange, or broadband usage density etc, some people might find that there is still a place for internet accelerators in their lives. In a world where speed is sought-after, free internet accelerators are high in demand. Try one out in your medical office.

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