Improve Medical Practice Management with 24/7 Patient Scheduling

May 21st, 2011

Every medical practice needs a sound patient appointment scheduling system. Even a sole medical practitioner needs to ensure they stay on top of appointment scheduling – Unquestionably, medical appointment scheduling is the mainstay service for practitioners and patients: Therefore it seems curious that in the twenty-first century, in an age where technology within the health sector has never been so advanced or relied upon, some medical practitioners continue to rely on the old pen and paper method.

Following The Lead

However, if one was to look at the appointment scheduling systems of some of the largest health organizations around the world, you would discover they are indeed automated. This is because automated appointment scheduling is efficient and cost-effective: Allowing these organizations to improve medical practice management by streamlining operations without cutting services: This being the way to stay competitive in a modern business world – And while the health sector may be about care, it is also about business.

Improved Efficiency

Medical appointment scheduling software can improve office efficiency. The system can be used to backup your front desk during busy periods, or to provide 24/7 patient scheduling. Giving patients the freedom to schedule a medical appointment 24/7 can only be a plus in a contemporary world: A facility that is usually welcomed by those with busy schedules.

Reduce No Shows

Another huge plus is, medical appointment scheduling software can also deal with patient reminder calls. Patient appointment reminders have proven to reduce no shows. However, making those calls can be time consuming which is not always practical or cost-effective. Automated patient reminders are the cost-effective solution. In addition some of the more advanced systems can make the call in many different languages – There are few medical receptionists who could do the same!


More and more people are quite literally running their lives using the internet. Giving them the option to schedule an appointment online adds another ‘scheduling string’ to your bow. Nowadays people like options. In this way you are giving them the options and so services they demand. And while this is important the fact that you are achieving this cost effectively is more so.

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