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November 21st, 2010

Outsourcing has helped many business sectors expand and remain competitive in the marketplace: Online appointment scheduling software can help your medical practice in much the same way. Regardless of whether you run a solo practice or several multi-specialty practices web-based patient appointment scheduling services could be extremely useful with regards to organization – Indeed, many health practitioners find utilizing an online scheduler improves overall medical practice management and automated reminder calls significantly help to reduce no-shows.

Integrate Multiple Schedules

If you practice in several clinics appointment scheduling software will integrate your schedules easily. These systems are flexible and streamlined. The scheduling of a single as well as multiple patient appointments, re-scheduling and patient reminders between several medical practices and/or clinics can prove to be a scheduling nightmare.  With online appointment scheduling services room for error is significantly reduced. Features vary: It is possible to allow patients to book online, reschedule and cancel appointments as well as send email, SMS and make automated calls to remind patients of an up and coming appointment – All the appointment scheduling tasks which can consume your day: Freeing up you and/or your staff to deal with more immediate issues relative to patient care.

Patient Reminders

The statistics prove over and over again that making patient appointment reminder calls reduces no-shows. Even so, far too many medical practices fail to make the all important call. Why? Because they simply do not have time: Which is somewhat of a hypocrisy. Appointment scheduling software can make the calls automatically and extremely quickly – much faster than your receptionist, no matter how good they are at multi-tasking! Patients are able to cancel or reschedule their appointment which helps to reduce no-shows. Invariably, patient appointment scheduling services will more than pay for themselves making them extremely cost-effective.

Flexible Options

The level of service you choose is entirely flexible. Features include multi-lingual emergency call forwarding, appointment scheduling and reminder calls: Some systems are more advanced than others. Many large medical practices use these systems nowadays because they are efficient and extremely cost-effective – Much more economical than employing staff to carry out these tasks. Web-based software is maintenance free and requires no technical knowledge to employ – Simply sign up for the services you need and enjoy being organized!

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