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October 25th, 2008

Successful medical practices are dependent on efficient and organized communication between the medical staff and their patients. If your medical staff is unable to answer the patients’ calls, and your practice loses a new patient to the competition; then your practice’s success is at risk. Eliminate that risk by purchasing a virtual receptionist. Your Virtual Medical Office Receptionist can be the professional alternative to your personable and educated medical staff. Virtual Medical Office Receptionist vs. Live-Agent Answering ServicePractical Investment

Advantages of a Virtual Medical Office Receptionist

Due to the occasional under-staffed period that occurs in all medical offices, staff may not be managing the workload appropriately and revenue may be deteriorating. When an office is under-staffed the patient takes a direct hit. The patients are placed on hold, they are sitting impatiently in the waiting room, and by the time they get to the doctor’s office they are irritable and unhappy about your medical staff’s performance.

Your Virtual Medical Office Receptionist can be your 24/7 back-up receptionists. Since the Virtual Medical Office Receptionist can answer the phone lines, schedule appointments, and make reminder calls to patients, the staff has more time to improve the one-on-one patient care and is happy to be relieved from these tedious, but necessary tasks. Thus improving communication between your medical practice and your very important patients.

Medical offices are not able to stay open 24/7 to meet all of their patients’ demands. Medical staff needs time off in order to perform at 100% capacity. So it is very important that the most efficient person is handling the calls during after-hours. Most live-agents cannot make appointments for your medical practice, they cannot connect emergency calls to the proper contact numbers in a timely manner, and they may lose calls due to telephone congestion. A patient’s time is precious and during an emergency situation they need to be helped without delay.

A Virtual Medical Office Receptionist can separate emergency calls from non-emergency calls and is able to connect a patient to the doctor immediately; and connect them to the most appropriate contact numbers. Conveniently, during non-emergency calls, patients will be able to leave a voicemail and make an appointment. The most important difference from a monetary perspective is simply that the VMOR is much more cost efficient and has been shown to reverse doctors’ revenue loss.

A Virtual Medical Office Receptionist can do a lot of the receptionist’s tasks at a fraction of the cost. It can cut patient no-shows and improve filing to insurance companies for a better and more-timely payment. The money you invest in your Virtual Medical Office Receptionist will provide long-term returns. Lets face it, better patient care means more patient visits, which adds up to more revenue. More and more business is being conducted online; therefore, it is to the advantage of the medical office to offer their patients the newest technology. Investing in a Virtual Medical Office Receptionist that offers online scheduling, an after-hour medical answering service, and reminds the patients about upcoming appointments while simultaneously handling multiple calls with exceptional reliability is as good of an investment as medical school.

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