Make The Most of Your Automated Appointment Reminder With These Tips

August 1st, 2010

In the hope of increasing the productivity level of your medical office staff and improving the quality of service, you have decided to use an automated appointment reminder. This is an important step that can lead to the success of your medical practice in getting new patients, while maintaining existing ones by making them feel satisfied. To get the most benefit of the reminder system, there are some things that you should be paying attention to as well. These are tips you can use on how to best utilize the automated appointment reminder.

When you first installed the appointment reminder system, it is essential for you to sit down with your staff and explain thoroughly how the system works. It is an important part of setting the right expectations – both for you and your staff. You must explain how the automated appointment reminder will work for the benefit of the office – as well for the benefit of all staff members. Tell them how the system can reduce unnecessary loads that the staff usually encounters. Inform them that the system can make your staff focus more on their main tasks –to care for the patients and providing only the best level of service.

However, you should also stress that the system is not meant to takeover all your operation and that it merely acts as a great supporting device. Hence, your staff will still need to work hard and not feel easily content – knowing that there’s a system that can back them up.

Having a great appointment reminder system will only work if your patients are happy with it. Some reminder service such as mobile text message reminder, email reminder, maybe not easily set up compare to phone reminder which requires nothing to be done by patients.

Some may not be too tech savvy to understand the instructions given out by the system. You can overcome this possible problem by providing signs and handouts to the patients explaining how the system works. They will appreciate the effort that your medical office is giving and will learn to use the system for their convenience.

To run a successful medical office, asking for feedback from your patients should always be on your list. If you use the right system, you can be sure that you will receive good feedback. Nevertheless, it is always good to make your patients feel that you value their opinions and are willing to implement their suggestions.

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