Manage Your Medical Office Better with Virtual Receptionist

August 7th, 2010

Though it seems you have made the perfect set up for your medical office, there is one detail that you might have missed. When you hire a medical receptionist, no matter how skilled and competent that person is, that receptionist is still bound by the fact that humans can’t perform too many tasks all at once.  As human beings, they are also flawed by the fact that their personal problems might interfere with their professional lives.

Just imagine this scenario; in the morning, your medical receptionist might appear cheerful and answer patients politely. But as patients pouring in, little by little the receptionist will start to lose temper and will not handle incoming patients professionally.  Remember, your medical receptionist is the front line of your business. They are the first thing that patients get in contact with. Leaving a good first impression from the get go is imperative to the success of your medical office.

If you want a system that will not get affected with personal problems, call in sick, or get overwhelmed easily due to the heavy work load; getting a virtual medical receptionist is the perfect solution. A virtual medical receptionist can run your medical office unattended and unsupervised for 24/7– day and night. While other medical offices may run only on normal operating hours, you can still serve your patients even when the sun has gone down.

With the virtual medical receptionist, your patients can make, change or cancel appointments through a simple phone call. The system will then automatically update the list on the fly. This will increase the satisfaction level of your patients, since no longer will they have to wait on the phone indefinitely while your medical staff is doing other tasks or writing the information down.

When you install a virtual medical receptionist, one of the most useful features is the appointment reminder service. What this does is, the system can automatically call or send text messages and e-mails to the patients to remind them about their appointments. The patients can choose how they would like to be reminded from the three options above. This is more efficient and effective than to let your medical staff do it manually.

Getting a virtual medical receptionist will ensure a smooth medical management; one that can support the growth of your business.

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