Many dentists prefer the online appointment scheduler

November 12th, 2008

Dentists generally like patients who help themselves, patient who floss, eat their apple a day, brush regularly, and come in for routine checkups. There is another new trend that many dentists also seem to agree on – the benefits of a top online appointment scheduling software program. Many dentists like their patients being allowed to schedule appointments by self-service and then show up for those appointments on time.

The online scheduler is part of a new trend in many industries that once seemed to have little to do with the vast growth in the online marketplace. Transportation and healthcare are two industries that have found a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the potential offered via web connectivity to consumers. Though dental care is still provide in the dentist chair, many busy consumers are taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with dental providers via the web and like the option of web-based dental appointment scheduling.

The online scheduler solution is a fairly simple concept. As some practices are busy and receptionists are overwhelmed with patients and phone calls, not to mention time consuming insurance paperwork, fielding calls to schedule appointments and making calls to follow up can be cumbersome. Now, patients who are concerned with efficiency and want to avoid busy signals and elevator music can take advantage of the 24/7 appointment scheduling solutions offered by many dental providers. This is not only a great customer service advantage but it also frees up staff at the dental clinic to deal with more personalized care needs and other important tasks.

There are several other great patient relationships and business advantages offered by top dental appointment scheduling software solutions. A self-service appointment scheduling program allows the practice to potentially collect good contact data about its consumers. The provider can collect email information and this can be used for automated appointment reminder programs and other care based email messages. Advanced technology online doctor appointment scheduling also features security and privacy, as well as a daily database backup for storage of important patient information. Most online doctor appointment programs are also HIPPA compliant and replace inefficient paper forms used in offices. Dentists can also keep track of patient no-shows and cancellation logs to potentially address any trends and issues that affect business.

There are many excellent business benefits achieved through the use of an appointment scheduling software solution. Customer service and customer loyalty can be greatly improved. Reminders prevent costly no-shows. Stress and overwhelmed live agents may feel less of a burden and may offer more helpful service to needy patients and callers. They can also quickly and accurately complete revenue-driving insurance paperwork. There is a moderate upfront cost and little to no ongoing maintenance and expense to operate an automated appointment scheduling solution. This is a contrast to the sometimes inaccurate and costly employees that book appointments. Tech-savvy and internet literate consumers appreciate the opportunity to connect with service providers through a forum they are comfortable and that they know can get the job done.

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