Medical answering service a patient saver

October 26th, 2008

In the hyper fast pace of today’s culture, people have little patience for waiting on hold, not having access to information 24/7, and not having immediate attention for their needs. Enter the medical answering service. The virtual answering has helped medical providers respond to all of these concerns on the part of their patients and prospective consumers. Personalized service is still preferred by most people, but immediate service is quickly taking precedence over delayed service or service delivered by a distracted live receptionist. The 24/7 medical answering service has become not only a competitive advantage for many practices, but a customer service necessity as well.

The medical answering service offers many customer service and business advantages for the medical practices that use a best in class call answering service solution. Many physicians’ offices and clinics are faced with low morale or service deficiencies because their receptionists are overwhelmed. During heightened periods of patients’ illness and health issues, a receptionist may be burdened with in-clinic attention, answering phones, and completing tedious tasks like appointment reminder calls and insurance paperwork. All of these things are distracting and often prevent a capable receptionist from answering important calls from patients or prospects.

A medical answering service can alleviate much of the stress that prevents the receptionist from giving the personal attention to people. It also enables them to more effectively and accurately complete some of the every day tasks mentioned. Also, the virtual answering service is a great backup receptionist to handle incoming calls when the receptionist is busy dealing with a patient concern or question. A best in class 24/7 medical answering service can not only respond to calls when the receptionist is on the phone or busy, it can also organize calls based on need. Patients can schedule appointments, be immediately transferred to emergency contacts, and have other basic needs met by the top call answering service.

Another great benefit of the 24/7 medical answering service is that it allows a smaller to medium sized medical provider to still meet basic customer needs 24/7. Health issues are unpredictable and some emergencies or health concerns develop after regular hours. Many small practices simply cannot afford to maintain a full time after-hours receptionist and have relied on a traditional voice message system. Now, these practices can respond to many of the basic patient needs and acquire new business with the patient scheduling feature of a virtual answering service. These help a practice provide a great customer service experience and receive a business opportunity by potentially gaining and maintaining patient relationships.

Consumers are very impatient and customer service expectations have evolved to fit the fast-pace environment. Consumers are more satisfied to work with a virtual answering service if it means having their issue or need handled right now. Medical practices not only are able to offer this service expectation with a top physician answering service, they also save costs and get great value from a solution that is a moderate expense with little to no ongoing maintenance.

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