Medical Appointment Scheduling Can Help Build Your Practice

December 4th, 2008

Scheduling appointments is the lifeblood of any business and your medical practice certainly qualifies as a business. The Hippocratic Oath aside, if a medical office is not generating patient appointments your shingle will soon come down. There will always be people in need of medical attention, but will they continue to arrange their medical appointment scheduling with you if they are inconvenienced by long delays or unanswered calls?

Satisfied patients are a great source of word of mouth or viral business growth. By allowing your patients the opportunity to use an automated appointment scheduler could pay long-term dividends in referrals. I think if you ask anyone who requires regular visits to the doctors’ office what he or she dislikes about the responsibility, medical appointment scheduling will rank in the top three.

Medical offices are beginning to integrate many different and functional technologies in their practices to assist in the day-to-day organization and work flow. Utilizing a medical appointment scheduler just makes sense because of the amount of time staff will spend on the phone with a patient trying to book suitable appointment times. Employee utilization can be improved dramatically if they are on the phone less with patients and more with insurance companies, coordinating patient tests, pharmacology queries etc.

If a virtual medical receptionist is online in a busy office and the phone is constantly ringing you will rarely miss an appointment because staff is over taxed. I suspect that in many medical offices it is not unusual for callers to be placed on hold in a queue when office staff is busy with in-house patients. The theory being they will call back if it is important or even worse if it is an emergency they can go to a walk in clinic! Are you certain your own staff isn’t thinking this way? Patients should always be treated with the respect they deserve and medical appointment scheduling software will aid your staff significantly.

Medical appointment scheduling software is an Internet-based application, which means virtual access to appointments from anywhere. If you are at a medical conference somewhere or even working from home, you will have access to your patients appointments online anytime 24/7. The same is true for your patients who require appointment scheduling. If they work shifts for example and sleep during the day, they would have the opportunity to call your office at 4:00 am on their coffee break for an appointment if they needed to.

Appointment scheduling is crucial for patient satisfaction offering the contentment that comes from being able to book their appointments anytime and hassle free. Your own staff will appreciate your thoughtfulness for their personal well-being when they hear the reasons why you wanted to install online appointment scheduling to assist them.

Medical appointment schedulers come with many features including appointment reminders via email. How great would it be for your patient to be notified by email that their appointment was coming up? Everyone has busy schedules these days and many folks carry PDA’s to keep them current, receiving an email appointment reminder would be a courtesy they won’t forget, and it speaks volumes about your professionalism.

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