Medical Appointment Scheduling Software – How Are You Managing Without It?

June 16th, 2012

Medical appointment scheduling software can do much more than schedule doctor appointments! Scheduling software can deal with appointment scheduling 24/7. Advanced systems can all provide an emergency answering service and deal with reminder calls as well as collect vital statistics which can help you improve efficiency and so increase revenues. Wasted appointment slots cost. Patient appointment reminder calls have proven to reduce no-show percentages. Being automated, the software can deal with multiple calls in record time: Ensuring those all important reminder calls are made on time every time – Something a busy receptionist can rarely guarantee. Reducing no-shows can save a medical practice thousands of dollars every year.

An Economic Solution
Medical appointment scheduling software is a virtual receptionist, which can provide an extra pair of hands 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of a ´real-life´receptionist: Or in comparison to many of the after-hours answering services available. Your staff will be freed from the tedious (although necessary) task of appointment scheduling. And, without having to spend so much time on the phone they will have more time to deal with more demanding medical practice management tasks (such as billing)and of course, the patients.

Reduce Stress
Stress and chaos do not provide a comfortable environment for your patients. If your staff are consistently under pressure the overall level of customer service can be affected negatively – A disorganized medical practice can be very off-putting. Today the health industry has never been more competitive. Lost patients are lost revenue. Happy staff makes for happy patients and a stress free environment for all.

Save Money
Online medical appointment scheduling systems are maintenance free and do not require in-house hardware to be installed. Some of America´s largest health organizations are using automated appointment scheduling to maintain services cost-effectively. The features offered vary from system to system. Some company offer a free trial during which time you can assess what features are the most valuable to your patients and your medical practice. Medical appointment scheduling software can deal with many tasks as well as provide data that can help you to improve services and so the level of patient care provided. The old paper and pen scheduling system is primitive in comparison and prone to error – Not good in a modern environment. Just try it out and you will note the difference; as will your staff and patients. Indeed, chances are, you will ask how you ever managed without it!

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