Medical practice online scheduler appeals to patients

October 26th, 2008

As the internet has become a more stable and consistent medium for information access and product purchases, consumers are looking for more and more access to services. Internet sales are currently growing at a much faster pace than overall business sales. This is because consumers are recognizing the internet is a great venue, and a safer venue, to buy products conveniently and quickly. Additionally, many industries are seeing the opportunity to sell services and offer services through the online medium. The hospitality industry has seen a huge increase in online bookings for travel and hospitality. Healthcare is another industry that has leveraged the connection to the online market. Thanks to advanced technology such as the online scheduler, medical providers now have great tools to interact with, and can sell to an online market.

One of the greatest reasons for the new ability for medical providers to offer online appointment scheduling is a change in perception as to what customer service is. For a long time, many medical practices felt that the only way to offer good patient service was through a friendly and helpful live receptionist. Actually, in an ideal world, this is a great way to deliver service to healthcare consumers. However, in the realm of illness and injury, idealism is hard to follow through on. Many patients and callers to a medical practice do not receive friendly, personalized service because the live receptionist is busy, overwhelmed with patient issues and laborious insurance paperwork. Stressed out and overworked receptionists have a hard time delivering ideal customer service.

The online scheduler is a tremendous relief to some of the burden faced by the live receptionist. Online appointment scheduling enables a patient or consumer to access a medical practice’s schedule openings, and book an appointment through self-service appointment scheduling. Applying older rules of patient service, this online scheduler might appear to be an impersonal approach to healthcare. However, to the busy consumer, self-service appointment scheduling is easily a more preferred option to a busy signal, being left on hold, or dealing with a stressed and overwhelmed receptionist. Plus, as many people spend lots of time on the internet and are used to the internet concept of customer service, the online scheduler fits the desired need. Web-based doctor appointment scheduling is efficient, hassle-free, and accurate. As gifted as a live receptionist might be, this is not always the case with direct patient interactions.

Online medical scheduling is not just a great customer service strategy to meet the needs of the 21st century patient or ill person. The online scheduler is also an excellent business opportunity for the struggling, or growing medical practice. It enables the provider to add an additional point of contact for the busy consumer, but at a minimal cost, and with little to no ongoing maintenance. It is hard to argue with the value of an online scheduler compared to a part time receptionist who is paid, may have benefits, and is a person with real life issues to manage.

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