Medical Scheduling Software – Problems Solved?

September 9th, 2012

In a competitive world it is essential to ensure your medical practice is performing well. Customer services can be improved simply and effectively with medical scheduling software. Advanced online systems can deal with patient appointment scheduling on and offline as well as reminder calls, billing and even emergency calls. Features differ and it depends upon the needs of your staff and patients as to which system will be the most appropriate for your medical practice. Free trials offer the perfect opportunity to find out which features are most needed. Even so, that said, basic tasks (such as medical appointment scheduling, reminder calls and billing) are fundamental to the workings of a sole practitioner as much as they are for larger health organizations. To which, medical scheduling software offers up a cost-effective way to deal with the fundamentals, giving doctors and staff more time to deal with more demanding tasks, such as patients!

Free or Paid?
There are free and paid systems available. Free systems might seem the obvious option. However, most do come with “strings attached”. The main concern with many of the paid medical scheduling systems and software is that the company providing the “free” software will often want “data” in return – Names, birth dates, emails etc It is doubtful if this arrangement would comply with HIPAA privacy rules; to which, you should most certainly check. Opting for a HIPAA compliant system is surely the most “responsible” way to go.

Problems Solved
The advantages of automated medical appointment scheduling reach way beyond convenience. An automated system can actually optimize revenue. Medical scheduling software can deal with single and recurring appointments. Patients can go online and make an appointment, check schedules, reschedule and cancel an appointment quickly and easily. Reminder calls can be automated and carried out routinely according to your medical practices´ own set of “rules”. Being able to customize the software to suit your specific needs is most definitely a major advantage for staff and patients. No shows can be significantly reduced by the simple implementation of automated reminders calls. Patients who consistently miss appointments can be pinpointed: Implementing prepaid appointments for “problem” patients a cost effective as well as effective option.

Shop around! Take advantage of the free trials and demos available. Get to know the software´s features and which will be the most useful for you, your staff and your patients – Medical scheduling software has helped hundreds of thousands of medical practices perform better worldwide, and it can help yours too.

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