My Search for a New Doctor’s Office.

November 16th, 2008

I’m in search of a new doctor’s office to be my family physician. I have had so many issues with the current doctor I am seeing. Every time I call in, I get recordings that say, they are busy and can’t take my call. I have to leave a message on an answering system and wait and wait and wait to gat a return call. Sometimes they don’t return calls and I have to call back again, still reaching a recording just to leave a new message. When I do get a live person, they are so short and quick; they don’t seem to have the personal touch I want in a doctor’s office. I get so frustrated trying to get a prescription refilled. So, that’s why I’m in search of a new family physician.

I’ve called lots of offices and talked to several of the front desk receptionist as well as the answering services attached to the offices. Believe me; I have called every office in my area looking for just the right one.

Well, I think I have found them. I called this one office and didn’t get a live person, but I did get an automated system that was so helpful. This virtual medical office receptionist actually made an appointment for me. The voice was so friendly and caring, I had the feeling the entire office would be the same way. I actually got a telephone reminder call from the 24/7 patient scheduling system.

I went to the doctor’s appointment and talked to the staff about the electronic system they had. They absolutely love it. One of the ladies in the front office says the 24/7 medical reception system is the best there is. It frees them up to do the hands on things that are needed when the patients come into the office. She said they do answer the phone when they are free, but when patient’s need care, that need comes first and the 24/7 backup receptionist is turned on the patients can receive the best of care. The care you receive is so important to the entire staff.

I found out that the system is set up to automatically answer the phone, make appointments and take messages for the nurses. The nurses really love the system too. They are able to have the automated system make the reminder calls for them, which does cut down on patient no shows. Believe it or not, a lot of people do forget their appointments and just a little appointment reminder call, really makes a difference. And you know the more patients they see, the more money is made. Happy patients lead to a happy doctor, which leads to happy staff members.

They also told me that next time I needed an appointment; I didn’t even need to call in. I can get online, which I am very comfortable with and make my appointments for the entire family. I can even request prescriptions refills on line.

The neat thing about this new system is it can separate my emergency calls from the regular ones, so I’ll get the quick help in my time of need.

I’m thrilled with finding a local doctor that uses this great virtual receptionist system.

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