New Patient Sign Up System a Medical Practice “Must Have”

March 23rd, 2009

Usually the process of acquiring new patients in some jurisdictions is not really a problem. There are always individuals who are searching for a qualified family physician to take care of their health needs. It can also be a tedious process for the potential patient since they need to not only find a capable physician, after locating one they will be required to provide quite a bit of information about their health, personal information, Health insurance coverage and availability, and they may need to do most of this for each family member.

Now picture the patient or guardian doing this in a crowded waiting room of the new physician they just selected as a possible primary health care provider. Also, try and imagine the confusion that may result if this individual is in an emergency or if they are responsible for a patient who is in no condition to act on their own. These situations are occurring everyday in every state of the union. As a health care provider, would it not be in the best interests of everyone if you had an automated system in place that would service these people and streamline the process for them?

Usually health insurance details are a time consuming part of this new patient sign up process and there are options available to assist your staff, save time for the potential new patient and generally make your office staff more efficient. New patient sign up systems, when automated into your virtual appointment scheduler will qualify newcomers to your practice and allow them to do the new patient procedures over the Internet.

When looking for a new physician, most people will use the telephone as they call various doctors’ offices inquiring about that specific office’s new patient status and requirements. Answering these initial questions will be time consuming for your receptionist who will likely be in a chaotic state anyway, dealing with in-office patient needs, scheduling specialists, dealing with pharmacies, arranging tests, now throw into the mix a person inquiring about new patient status and something in her realm of responsibility is bound to suffer. The same holds true with all of your medical office staff who cover off for each other.

When a patient calls your office for any reason, have your virtual medical receptionist answer the call. Your caller will be provided with a list of options the virtual medical assistant can manage for you automatically. One of these services is a new patient sign up system. They can be directed to apply online where they will be asked a series of qualifying questions as a new sign up, including providing them with a list of your accepted health insurance providers. This will filter those patients who do not qualify based on their health insurer.

You can also have a link to your online new patient sign up system sent to the family and friends of your current patients to expand your new patient list, and have prospective patients apply online. When they are accepted, they will be redirected to your automated online appointment scheduler to arrange a suitable appointment time. Conversely, if they are denied as a new patient, they can be notified of your decision online via email, eliminating any uncomfortable phone backs by your staff.

Modern technology is becoming extremely useful for business and your medical practice can be a part of the automation frenzy that is taking place. Your staff will appreciate the time they will be saving and your practice will flourish from a purely business perspective as well as becoming a model of efficiency. New patient sign up systems and online appointment schedulers are proving to be must have services for the modern medical practice.

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