New technologies move medical practices into modern life

November 13th, 2008

The modern world is a 24/7 place. Banks will have a 24/7 call answering service, supermarkets can be visited at 3am, the gym is open late, and more and more other regular facilities offer access outside of office hours. So why not your own clinic?

Unlike supermarkets and gyms, a trip to the doctors is not always something that can be planned weeks or even days in advance, and all too often your patients will be unable to call until they finish work, by which time the receptionist desk has closed for the day. Or, something might happen to them during the evening, not serious enough to warrant a trip to the hospital, but that they want to get checked out, yet they will have to wait until the morning to make a doctor’s appointment.

And when they do make an appointment, it is often so far in advance, they forget about it, leading to hours of wasted time for you and your clinic.

Virtual Receptionist

A new service is now available which will make these problems a thing of the past. Just like you can transfer funds or check your bank balance by telephone, you can now offer your patients a 24/7 medical answering service and online appointment scheduling through a virtual receptionist.

Reminder Calls

A virtual receptionist can, at its most basic level, provide appointment reminder calls to help doctors reduce the hours lost to patient no-shows. By reminding patients of their appointments, it can pay for itself in no time at as you are able to end that revenue loss.

Even taxi companies now offer notification calls that your cab is on its way, so imagine the benefits when your automated appointment reminder offers call-backs or reminders which are sent out to your patients. Some services can even ask them to make a follow-up appointment or relay messages.

Automated appointments

It is also an essential tool for practices who want their patients to be able to make appointments out of hours, or at normally busy times of day when a medical receptionist might be unavailable.

What makes the remote receptionist service a valuable asset in appointment booking is that they can relieve some of the pressure on your medical front desk by taking calls during peak office hours periods, when your medical receptionist is away for lunch, or when the office is closed. A 24/7 medical answering service vastly improves your office’s efficiency by handling the calls that you normally cannot, a difference your patients will definitely notice and appreciate.

On-line appointment scheduling

Over 60% of this country’s population now have access to the internet at home, and many of your patients will be among those who prefer to organise their lives online, rather than by telephone. You can now offer them this option when making an appointment at your clinic by using an online scheduler that offers 24/7 appointment scheduling.

Most medical clinics still use the old-fashioned window-based business schedulers, which means that the only way your patients can make an appointment is to call during business hours. Online medical scheduling will provide them with the convenience of making appointments at a time that suits them.

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