Online Appointment Schedulers – Just One of Its Many Facets

December 12th, 2010

The internet has become a part if not central to a variety of business sectors: primarily because it is now utilised worldwide for a variety of purposes by a notable majority – Undeniably, Internet is now used by a huge number of people (young and old) to purchase products, communicate and just about (‘all in all’) organise their lives: Therefore the fact that more and more medical practitioners are now offering 24/7 online appointment scheduling to their patients seems to make sense. 

Online Scheduling

Being fast, efficient and always available (therefore convenient) online appointment scheduling is an advantageous asset for both doctors and patients: Indeed, these systems can help improve overall medical practice management because they are reliable, accurate and fast – Which makes them very cost-effective. Even so, automated web-based scheduling systems are by no means limited to making and breaking a patient appointment. This is just one of their many facets. 

New Patient Sign-up

New patient sign-ups traditionally involve a rather lengthy phone call. If the front desk is busy this can lead to all sorts of mis-communications as well as a backlog of paperwork. More advanced systems will allow new patients to signup securely and also make their first patient appointment online. With just a few clicks new patients can have a confirmed appointment – Is it possible to be more hassle free than this? Probably not! 

Patient Reminder Calls

Patient Appointment Reminders can also be handled by an online scheduler. Most can carry out automated reminder calls and some can also send reminders via email and SMS at a pre-scheduled time. Patient reminder calls have proven to reduce the percentages with regards to no-shows: Nevertheless, there is not always time to make the call despite the fact this can be detrimental to revenue as well as patient care – A no-show means lost revenue as well as a lost opportunity to see another patient more quickly: Both of which can add up and make a notable difference to waiting lists and profits over the year. 

A Cost Effective Asset

An online scheduler can deal with so much more that patient appointment scheduling. Most systems can be customised to suit different health sectors. Indeed, online appointment scheduling has proven to be a valuable and cost-effective asset for many health practitioners

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