Online Appointment Scheduling – Achieve More For Less

January 30th, 2011

The capacities of the online appointment scheduling software available today are possibly far greater than most might imagine. Indeed, an online scheduler can achieve many things: Including:

  • Improved Organization – Less phone calls to the front-desk gives staff more time to deal with patients and other critical tasks.
  • Reduce No-Shows: Increase Revenue – Automated reminder calls to patients can be made on schedule in double time – At least!

Gain control

Online medical appointment scheduling centralises the whole process and can be accessed by doctors, staff and patients 24/7 anywhere. This gives greater control to everyone – Particularly useful for doctors practicing in several clinics as well as those health practitioners consistently on the move: Visiting patients at home for example. Online scheduling services do not require expensive hardware to set up or any on-site maintenance – making them extremely easy to utilise. They are also customisable which means the doctor can control how their patients schedule an appointment.

A Low Cost Option

An online medical appointment scheduler is suitable for anyone working within the Health Sector. Patients can schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments with ease. This means that the onus can be reduced upon front-desk staff to deal with appointment scheduling improving efficiency: Hiring more staff to deal with appointments is high cost in comparison to many of the web based solutions available: And in an increasingly competitive world this can be an important issue – Enabling medical practitioners to improve the services available to patients cost-effectively.

Reminder Calls

Not only can an online appointment scheduler deal with making appointments it can also make scheduled reminder calls – A task which can be omitted if the front-desk becomes too busy. No-shows cost and reminder calls have proven to reduce averages. This means an online scheduler can actually help to create more revenue. Advanced systems can call patients to remind them of an up and coming appointment: They can also send an SMS or email reminder. Patients can reschedule their appointment, cancel or confirm without the need to call your front-desk – Or visa versa: Definitely convenient!

Advanced online scheduling software can be customised to suit the needs of the medical practitioner or practice. Highly flexible they are convenient and cost-effective. Everything you need to keep your scheduling efficient and cost-effective.

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