Online Appointment Scheduling – Helping Doctors To Achieve The Balance

July 29th, 2011

Dealing with patient appointment scheduling can take up a large percentage of your staff’s day. Providing online appointment scheduling for patients has helped many large and small health organizations balance out workflows and invariably improve overall medical practice management: A sound solution which allows doctors to meet the needs and demands of their patients cost effectively.  In an ever competitive world it is essential to balance costs and services efficiently.

Web-based online appointment scheduling systems can help doctors to achieve that balance by streamlining the patient appointment process: Freeing up front desk staff without reducing services. In fact, an online appointment scheduling system can actually expand services. Patients are able to make a doctor appointment 24/7: Patient appointment reminder calls as well as SMS and emails can be sent routinely, on time every time – Missed appointments cost money. An online appointment scheduling system can help to reduce no-shows by ensuring patient appointment reminder calls are made: No matter how busy the front desk is.

Keeping Up

In a modern world organization is paramount. People are busy! They want to be able to make their doctor appointment without hassle: Quickly and without any slip-ups. The old fashioned appointment diary is far more prone to mistakes than an automated online scheduler. Cancellations and rescheduled appointments can be enough to throw paper based systems into chaos. When mistakes are made patients can be left waiting for longer than most would consider reasonable. However, an automated system can keep up with demand more effectively. Primarily because automated appointment scheduling systems do not become stressed and can multi-task way beyond human capacity. It really is as simple as that….

Delivering The Services Your Patients Need

Web based online appointment scheduling systems can be used to enhance the services provided to patients. They can be utilized 24/7 online as well as at the front desk: Or, they can deal with patient appointment calls during busy periods – Some can also deal with emergency calls. Automated systems do need to take ‘time out’: They do not need coffee breaks or holidays!  Automated online systems are available 24/7 at a comparatively cost-effective price: Far less than it would cost to employ permanent staff to deal with calls. In this way doctors are able to offer the services their patients need cost-effectively. And unquestionably, achieving this balance can make all the difference. So if you want to make a difference try online appointment scheduling. It has worked well for some of the largest health organizations in the USA and Canada. Chances are it can work for you too…

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