Online Appointment Scheduling Just Got Easier with Google Sync

May 22nd, 2009

Working in the medical field means that you will barely have enough time to yourself. Working in private practice is even more demanding. It is difficult to keep up with your patients, appointments, paper work and private life. Even if you have the most effective personal assistant, they may not be able to handle all the pressure that comes with effectively running a private practice reception. There are patients to be addressed in the waiting room, telephones to be answered, appointments to be scheduled and paperwork to organize.

You can reduce this burden by investing in good practice management tool such as an online appointment scheduler.

An online appointment scheduler will allow patient self-service scheduling. Your receptionist will no longer have to spent much of her time scheduling appointments while she could be assisting patients with other important issues.

Since the appointment program is web-based, patients don’t have to crowd into your reception or congest your phone lines to schedule appointments; they can instead access online appointment scheduling services from Internet. Your receptionist or personal assistant will be able to work more efficiently as a result of the reduced work load.

The self-service patient appointment scheduling service is 24/7. A huge convenience to those patients who can not call during your office hours.

A modern appointment program service is not only a great convenience to patients and private practice receptionists; it also provides a lot of ease for doctors in private practice.

One very attractive feature for doctors is Google Sync.

Google Sync allows doctors to have access to their business appointment when they are away from office or without computer or Intenet connection. Google Sync is tailored to suit the mobile phone that you have. The service is available for those with phones such as iPhone, Nokia S60, Sony Ericsson, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Nokia Standard.

It also allows the synchronizing of medical appointment program with Google calendar. You will therefore be alerted about appointments and events that are on your online scheduler by vibration or with a sound. You will therefore always be up to date with your appointments no matter where you are.

In addition to that it will help you organize your schedules. Google Sync ensures that you do not make appointments that coincide via Google calendar and the online doctor appointment scheduling service. You will be able to access your online scheduler via phone and make any necessary changes to the schedule at any time. You no longer have to drive to the clinic, carry around a heavy appointment dairy or call your receptionist over the weekend to find out what appointments you have scheduled for the upcoming week. All you need to do is consult your online scheduler and Google calendar for this.

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