Online Appointment Scheduling Software – You Should Try It!

August 5th, 2012

In the twenty first century patient appointment scheduling has taken on a new turn. Today sheduling software has never been more advanced or affordable. There are many advantages to using this softare. Without doubt, most users would agree that it is so much easier to schedule patient appointments using software than pen & paper. Handwritten scheduling is comparatively hazardous: Eraser marks, scribbled notes and such. Plus it takes up valuable time: Time that could be better spent dealing with more demanding tasks. Patient appointment scheduling softare can deal with calls to the front desk as well as patient reminder calls 24/7. Online systems allow patients to make their appointment online, which can be advantageous for staff as well as patients. For disabled and hard of hearing patient´s this is a particularly advantageous service – They do not have to rely on anyone else to make the call. Automated scheduling frees up the front desk and because it can deal with several calls at once patients are accommodated faster: No hanging on the end of the phone OR waiting around at the desk.

Reminder Calls
Patient reminder calls can reduce no-shows: That´s a proven fact. However, in a busy office staff do not always have the time to make those calls, or to get the reminder cards posted. More advanced systems can carry out reminder calls at a scheduled time. Reminders can be made by phone call, sms text as well as email. Patients have the opportunity to confirm, cancel or re-schedule their doctor appointment. Automated reminder calls have helped many medical practitioners reduce no-shos and so improve revenue. In this way, automated appointment scheduling can prove to be VERY cost effective.

Secure Scheduling
hile the old pen & paper method might seem the easiest option, it is a little risky: All too easy for it to be destroyed, damaged. With appointment scheduling software your data is backed up as well as easily accessible. Online systems can be accessed via any internet connection, which makes them a great option for medical practitioners on the move. Appointments are updated in real time too, which keeps things organised no matter where they are. There are many advantages to using online appointment scheduling. The best way to realise those advantages is to try it. Some company´s offer free trials which allows you to try out the features and assess which ones are the most useful to you and your practice.

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