Online Appointment Scheduling – Why Make The Change?

February 4th, 2012

An online appointment scheduler is providing a “virtual receptionist” for medical offices, specialist clinics and sole practitioners across America and Canada today. Even if you are not part of this growing number already chances are, you are aware of some of the possible advantages already. Primarily, providing 24/7 appointment scheduling is a veritable plus for patients living in a modern world. And, it also provides overwhelmed receptionists and staff the opportunity to concentrate on more pressing tasks by dealing with patient appointment scheduling in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Take A Break
In a busy medical practice it can be difficult for receptionists to deal with patient appointment calls and reminder calls consistently. After all, this task is one of many! Tempers can become frayed when they are unable to take a break during peak hours and mistakes can be made when they are pushed too hard. Automated appointment scheduling gives staff time to deal with paperwork and patients as well as get their break: Effectively, it is another pair of hands! Unquestionably, an online appointment scheduler can take quite a load off the daily, routine tasks.

Reminder Calls
No-shows happen and every time they do happen, it will invariably cost your medical practice revenue. Many online doctor appointment scheduling systems can also deal with reminder calls, which has proven to reduce no-shows: Hence reminder calls ARE considered important. Even so, in a particularly busy medical practice they will not always be made and hiring staff simply to deal with this task can cost more than the savings made. Automated reminder calls provide an economical solution that is efficient and a fraction of the cost.

Today there is an abundance of medical appointment scheduling software available. Ensuring the system you choose is safe, secure and reliable is vital. Online systems do not require in-house hardware and software to be installed, nor do they require maintenance. Multilingual features are not so common, yet can be extremely useful for medical practitioners working in more cosmopolitan regions. Check out the features carefully to ensure you ARE making the most of what´s on offer – That you are indeed getting the services your practice needs. Free trials provide an excellent opportunity for you to test-drive the software and so ensure you are actually getting what you need, your staff need and your patients. Get it right and everyone will be very glad you made the change.

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