Online Appointment Scheduling – No Time Like The Present

January 29th, 2012

With an online appointment scheduling system practitioners have more time for patients and scheduling errors can become a thing of the past. A reliable, HIPPA compliant online appointment scheduling system is a cost-effective way to improve customer services. Today time is money, to which, neither patients nor practitioners like to be left hanging around, or hanging on the end of a phone.

A 24/7 Appointment Scheduling Solution
Online appointment scheduling gives practitioners and patients access 24/7. Practitioners can use the system as a “virtual receptionist”: Although features vary. Even so, the most standard automated online appointment scheduling system usually provides 24/7 appointment scheduling, along with an email and SMS patient appointment reminder call system. More advanced systems can provide a virtual receptionist to deal with telephone calls 24/7 and even emergency calls. Other features include no-shows and cancellation logs, prepaid patient appointment billing, new patient sign-ups as well as customizations for specialist fields and small businesses.

Who Needs It?
If you are reading this page then probably you! Online appointment scheduling, automated appointment scheduling and reminder call systems, are being used by some of the largest health organizations in the world today: And they are proving to be a great success, helping organisations provide the services their patients need at a cost-effective price. Of course, the systems used by these organizations are highly advanced in order to be able to deal with large volumes of patients. However, there are reliable systems available online designed with sole practitioners and small medical practices in mind. Indeed, for around $50 a month a practice could have a “virtual receptionist” at hand 24/7 – Affordable and dependable, online appointment scheduling can provide a cost-effective solution for all.

What To Look For
While it may seem obvious, with so many different features available, it can be difficult to assess exactly which are the most essential to your medical practice or business. After all, to remain cost-effective it is important not to pay for features you do not need. Some companies offer free trials. This provides an excellent opportunity to try out the system and access which features are the most essential. Why not give it a try? No time like the present!

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