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August 13th, 2012

Automated doctor appointment scheduling software can help you to provide a faster, more accurate and cost effective way for your patients to make their doctor appointment. An advanced automated scheduling system is not subject to the “human condition”: Automated software does not take holidays, need lunch breaks or have “off days”. Free of “human error” the service provided to your patients is consistent, efficient and available 24/7 – In an increasingly competitive environment customer service matters more than ever: Office automated can help you keep up, cost effectively.

Not All Software is Equal
Throughout the US and Canada more and more medical practitioners and health organizations are successfully utilizing patient appointment scheduling software. Not all software is created equal. Basic features include the management of patient appointments and reminder calls. Other features include, language options, as well as handling pre-paid appointments, new patient sign-ups, emergency calls and online scheduling.

Scheduling software is used by medical as well as non-medical professionals; beauticians, personal trainers, chiropodists for example. While it is not necessary for non-medical professionals to comply with HIPAA regulations, health care providers are required to comply. Automated appointment scheduling software that is not HIPAA compliant should therefore, be approached with caution. Free software invariably comes with a “price”: And that price will be your patient´s data – As they say, no such thing as a free lunch. Therefore, paid for HIPAA compliant software created with medical practitioners specifically in mind is generally the most appropriate (responsible) choice.

Everything to Gain
There are many online appointment scheduling systems available. Usually, they require no special in-house hardware and are maintenance free. Some companies offer free trials, which allows practitioners to try out the features and services they offer risk free. If you have never used automated scheduling before it is not a good idea to sign any long-term contract until you are sure the company you are considering is actually able to provide the features you need and the quality of service you expect (as said, not all software is equal). Costs tend to vary dependent upon the features you require. Nevertheless, even the most advanced system will generally work out more cost-effective (as well as effective) than hiring extra staff to deal with patient appointments and reminder calls. Take advantage of the free trials available – Unquestionably, with no contract to sign and no money required you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

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