Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling – Free or Paid?

August 14th, 2011

Automated Appointment Scheduling offers up a cost effective solution for any medical practice or clinic whose staff are becoming overwhelmed. Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling is a modern convenience: And like many ´modern conveniences´they are designed to make life easier and usually save time – Today many people of all ages have access to and indeed use the internet on a regular basis. Via these web-based systems it is possible to provide 24/7 appointment scheduling cost effectively using an automated Online Scheduler. Some more advanced Automated Appointment Scheduling systems can deal with patient calls 24/7 or during busy periods: Emergency calls and even patient appointment reminders – By call, email or SMS text. Without doubt, advanced Appointment Scheduling Software can free up your staff giving them the time they really need to deal with patient care first hand: Consequently and invariably helping to improve patient services.

Free vs. Paid Services
Free Appointment Scheduling Software is available online. Paid systems and software varies in cost depending upon the features available and the amount the system is used: Not unlike a mobile phone contract. The Free Appointment Scheduling Software available tends to be VERY basic, offering up few options with regards to features. Patient Appointment reminders have proven to reduce no-shows which eat into revenue. If your no-show rate is currently high Scheduling Software with this feature can actually help to reduce no-shows and so increase revenue and improve services. Compared to free versions the cost v savings can be well worth the investment.

Will The Software Actually Deal With The Problem?

The majority of the Free Software will not deal with calls made to the front desk: Most often it is simply ´organizational´ and does not allow ´self service patient appointment scheduling´. Patients are not able to simply go online and schedule a doctor appointment. In this way free software does not actually deal with the problem of overloaded staff. It simply helps staff become more organized. Paid for Online Appointment Scheduling Software and Systems however actually ‘deals’with the problem. Reminder calls are also made on time every time which makes them very cost-effective all round.

Take The Easy Route
The easiest way to really find out if an Online Scheduler is worthwhile for your practice is to try them out. Many offer ‘demo’ versions and free trials: Take up the offer and THEN make a decision.

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