Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling – Patient Reminders – HIPPA Compliant

October 8th, 2010

An Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling system used by Doctors in the US and Canada should be HIPPA Compliant. This means when patients make their Doctor Appointment any personal data transferred online must be secure.

24/7 Synchronicity

Angela is a HIPPA compliant Online Appointment Scheduler which allows patients to book their Doctor Appointment online – This 24/7 appointment scheduling system is suitable for healthcare professionals and can be synchronised with the Google Calendar: Allowing Doctors to access their schedule 24/7 from any handheld device (A Smart or iPhone for example)

Lightening The Load

Doctor Appointment Scheduling is an essential process for any medical practice – And in a busy practice this can occupy a major part of the day – Even without accounting for patient appointment reminders. If a Doctor moves between medical practices this task becomes even more complicated and when staff are under pressure, mistakes can be made: After all, people are only human!

Online Appointment Scheduling can simplify matters and so lighten the load. With staff free to deal with more immediate tasks productivity can be improved: And this can only be good for patients and staff – As well as the overall management of your medical practice.

Automated Doctor Appointment Reminders

Reminding patients of an up and coming Doctor Appointment notably reduces the percentage of no-shows. Even so, sometimes it simply is not possible for staff to find the time to make those calls. Angela is a versatile Online Appointment Scheduling system which can automatically send emails to remind patients – As well as make an automated call giving patients the option to cancel or reschedule: Angela can also send text reminders.

Automated Doctor Appointment Reminders along with 24/7 Appointment Scheduling Online can streamline your office operations and actually save money. Angela is a HIPPA compliant

Safe and Reliable – HIPPA Compliant

Angela is an advanced Online Appointment  Scheduling system. The system is multi lingual and can make automate Doctor Appointment reminder calls as well as send text and email.

Safe & Reliable – HIPPA Compliant – Contact AngelSpeech Inc for a FREE TRIAL Period

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