Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling Software – Is It Right For You?

August 6th, 2011

For doctors as well as any other health care professional – psychiatrists to dentists – patient appointment scheduling is fundamental process which has to carried out on a daily basis. For family run practices’ to larger health organisations and hospitals with several clinics: The more streamlined the appointment scheduling process and reliable the better the efficiency of the medical practice management will be overall. The task of appointment scheduling can be particularly complex for health care professionals who need to coordinate patient appointments for several clinics: Particularly if they are relying on pen and paper scheduling methods. Keeping staff and doctors updated can be a somewhat unsystematic process which can lead to mistakes. If this sounds like the problems you face, either as a receptionist or a doctor, then yes, Doctor Appointment Scheduling Software may well be the right answer for you.

Staff Pushed To The Max?

Appointment scheduling can be significantly made easier with online Doctor Appointment Scheduling Software. Staff and doctors can communicate more easily with regards to patient appointment updates and schedules. Patient’s are also able to schedule their own doctor appointment 24/7 which can notable reduce the pressure upon front desk staff: Which means they will have more time to deal with patients attending your clinic as well as more time to deal with other essential medical practice management processes: Such as billing. If right now your staff are hard pressed at the front desk the majority of the time then yes, online Doctor Appointment Scheduling Software could well be the right choice for you.

No-Show Averages High?

Reminder calls tend to get omitted due to over pushed staff: They simply do not have time. No-Shows can eat into revenue and send schedules into chaos. The time lost for missed appointments can never really be recuperated: And time is money. In addition waiting times for an appointment are longer – Every missed appointment could have meant another patient was scheduled sooner. Simply add up those missed appointments over the months and the figures can be unnerving. Automated reminder calls can be made by many of these online systems and they have proven to reduce no-show averages for the majority. If your medical practice is suffering from high no-show rates then yes, online Doctor Appointment Scheduling Software may well be right for you.

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