Online Medical Answering Service: Your Solution to Medical Practice Management

November 11th, 2008

If you are running a successful medical practice, chances are that your receptionist is just too busy to be fielding calls all day. She may have too many other responsibilities. This is where an answering service can come into great use. Especially, when it is one that is answered by an automated medical receptionist.

Do you ever wonder how much business you lose because your office is closed or your staff is too busy to answer the calls? A medical answering service can pick up those calls that otherwise would have been missed or placed on hold forever. Isn’t this just what your medical practice is missing?

What a Medical Answering Service Can Do?

The days of a live agent answering service just passing along messages are comming to an end. An online virtual medical answering service now offers many more benefits in the age of modern technology. It is equipped with the ability to discern between emergency and non-emergency calls. It can immediately forward your emergency calls to any number that you specify, book appointment for your patients, and make timely appointment reminder call to them.

When a medical answering service is answered by an automated receptionist, it can perform many of the same tasks that your receptionist usually does; an automated receptionist is an additional, or back-up, receptionist working for you at a fraction of the hiring cost.

An automated medical receptionist is can engage in natural language dialog with your callers using advanced speech recognition technology. It usually has the ability to perform the following tasks:

· Talk to your patients to determine their need, forward call to emergency contact.

· Search and Set appointments that match their date and time preferances.

· Make daily appointment reminder calls

Such a multi-tasking frontdesk helper allow your staff to focus on other important tasks. For exmaple, they will have more time for patient care and medical billing.

Virtual medical answering service functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is extrodinarily dependable in performing routine, repetitive tasks that are not particularly enjoyed by human staff. Computers are not susceptible to the weaknesses inherent in humans like, fatigue, health issues, bad days. A medical answering service answered by an automated medical receptionist is a virtual work horse that does not tire and does not need any time off. If this sounds like something your medical practice may benefit from, then you should investigate the benefits of having a service like this. After all, with so many obvious benifits to your medical practice, what have you got to lose to try one?

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