Online Medical Appointment Scheduler – Time to Make the Change?

September 1st, 2012

With an online medical appointment scheduler in place your patients can make a doctor appointment 24/7. Very convenient for patients as well as medical practitioners. If a patient cannot make an appointment easily there is always a chance they will go elsewhere: And that means lost revenue for that medical practice. Another very convenient feature is, future appointments can be automatically scheduled for certain patients who need repeat visits for regular check-ups, therapeutic treatments or illnesses such as diabetes for example. An online medical appointment scheduler can keep the whole process simple and so easy for patients. With little room for human error, medical practitioners can also feel sure their schedules are accurate. Less errors means less time lost, which effectively means improved revenue for the most.

A Cost Effective Solution

Not only are online medical appointment scheduling systems accurate and effective, they are also extremely cost effective. Automated scheduling can take the pressure off the front desk. They are (effectively) an extra pair of hands. However, even an advanced system would generally be less expensive than hiring extra staff to deal with this necessary, albeit time consuming task. Plus, many systems can also deal with patient appointment reminder calls. You can schedule reminder calls to be made at a specific time to patients with an up-and-coming appointment. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. Nevertheless, in a busy medical practice staff do not always have time to deal with them. Automating reminder calls ensures they are made at the right time, to the right patients.

User Friendly
An online system does not usually require special hardware or need to be maintained: Certainly less hassle than in-house appointment scheduling software, which often requires both. Opting for something that is ultra cutting-edge also might not go down well with your staff. Ideally, it should be user friendly. Problem is, how can you tell if it´s right for your medical practice unless you use it? Look out for free trials and demos. They can provide all the interaction you need to assess what features are necessary as ell as ho user friendly the system is. Some of the largest medical organizations in America use automated appointment scheduling. Automated appointment scheduling has proven to be just as viable for sole practitioners as it is for family practices and large medical organizations. For a relatively nominal amount even a sole practitioner can afford to improve patient services by providing 24/7 appointment scheduling – It is easy to understand why so many practitioners and organizations are making the change.

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