Online Medical Appointment Scheduling Systems – What Can They Do For You?

November 17th, 2012

Medical practice management and patient scheduling software can help practitioners improve services and so the level of patient care they provide. Indeed, some of the world’s largest health organisations have saved millions of dollars by streamlining patient scheduling. Providing patients with the opportunity to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment 24/7 has proven to help improve patient services as well as reduce no-shows. Automation liberates staff, giving them extra time to deal with more pressing, “hands-on” tasks.

Liberate Staff & Improve Services
All scheduling tasks can be dealt with by the system automatically, 24/7. Or these systems can be called upon during busy periods only; providing a cost effective way to have that “extra pair of hands” available as and when needed (invariably more cost effective than hiring “human hands”).

The Personal Touch
Some medical practitioners prefer to use automated patient scheduling during peak times only: Feeling this keeps patient services more personalised – And indeed, there is an real element of truth in this. However, research has indicated that most adults would actually welcome the opportunity to be able to make a doctor appointment 24/7 using an online or automated service. In addition, something to seriously consider: If the “personalised service” being provided is not actually adequate (as in dealing with demand), due to the fact staff do not have the time needed to deal with the tasks at hand, surely automation is the practical (as well as cost effective) solution – Indeed, this has in fact proven to be the case for medical practices, practitioners and health corporations worldwide.

Nothing in Life is Free
As they say, nothing in life is free: And like most things, if you want quality you have to pay for it. There are free appointment scheduling software downloads and systems available online. However, they usually come with a catch. For medical practitioners free appointment scheduling software can be a precarious area to tread. More often than not, the company providing the free service or the developer will be collecting data in some way – And as all medical practitioners have a duty to protect their patient’s data, free software is rarely an option.

On The Other Hand
On the other hand, free software and system “free trials” are extremely useful. They provide medical practitioners and staff to try out the software. Most professional (paid for) online medical appointment system providers understand the importance of “user friendly”: In general, staff do not need to be seriously savvied to work with these systems. Nevertheless, test driving before making any commitment is always the soundest way forward.

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