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September 1st, 2012

Many of the world´s largest health organisations have used automated patient appointment scheduling systems for many years. According to research carried out by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) around ten percent of family doctors in the US were using online medical appointment scheduling software systems in 2005. By 2009 that number had risen to sixteen percent. Today, the number of doctors utilising online systems continues to rise consistently. That would indicate all is good in the world of online scheduling would it not? According to the president of the AAFP – “Any tools that make an office practice more efficient to take care of a large number of patients will be welcome.” And without doubt, the research does seem to indicate these systems are most certainy welcomed by medical practitioners, staff and patients. In addition, younger patient´s, accustomed to using the internet to purchase products and pay for services, would usually expect online scheduling to be available.

Making Life Easier
When making a doctors appointment becomes stressful there is real risk that patients will look elsewhere. Today, the world is not a patient place! Advanced systems are extremely easy to use: Little room for confusion, which you could not say the same for the old pen and paper days. Online medical appointment scheduling gives patients freedom as well as efficiency. With an online scheduling system in place they can make a patient appointment 24/7: No waiting – Definitely one surfire way to make life easier for your patienst!

Improved Productivity & More
Patients can review their appointments at any time. Appointment reminders can be made automatically and patients can reschedule, cancel or confirm. This has proven to reduce no-shows significantly for many medical practioners and practices worldwide. No-shows cost, and without doubt in a contemporary world time is money. These systems can help to improve productivity, efficiency and so overall medical practice management. Without the chore of patient appointment scheduling staff have more time to deal with patients, and so customer services can be improved.

Test Drive
Not all online medical appointment scheduling systems are the same: Although basic features tend to be fairly run of the mill. The right system for you will depend upon your medical practice needs. It is usually a good idea to test drive any system you might be considering first. There are a lot of features available; customisations might also be required. Does the system give you what you need? If it does, what are you waiting for?

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