Online Scheduler A Must Have Technology for Medical Practice

November 12th, 2008

Some people in business can be heard lamenting the fact that they must work with technology, more specifically computerized office operations. They say it is a waste of time and the old ways are still the best ways of doing business. This is absolute nonsense and an excuse for these folks never having to learn how to become literate with some impressive innovations in office support software.

Many successful medical practices are already using online schedulers to convert patient calls into appointments in an entirely automated environment. They realize the value in never missing an appointment and the convenience to the patient calling to arrange a time for their next visit. Appointment scheduling may seem like a simple task for the front desk but spend a little time waiting in line while a receptionist is on the phone with an indecisive person scheduling their next appointment and you will understand the effectiveness of an online scheduler.

Growing a medical practice is a priority for many doctors and medical professionals and the optimal way of doing this is keeping your existing patients happy and well looked after. Customer service is just as important in a medical environment as it is at any large insurance company dealing with their clients. The best way to ensure professional service is to make it easy for patients to interact with your office. Happy patients will mean referrals to family and friends. Overtime your practice will thrive because of your decision to utilize virtual medical receptionist software.

Front desk staffing issues such as maternity leave, vacations, sick days or even simple intolerance when dealing with patients, (great transcriptionist, poor public demeanor) all can make for a hectic and annoying time, especially if any of these situations catch you by surprise. Think of the anxiety you could avoid by always having a PLAN B in place with an automated online scheduler and other medical software applications at your disposal.

Multiple call answer features include online scheduler, appointment reminder, cancellation, or even emergency paging for urgent care needs. Medical front desk receptionist software will show your patients how significant they are to you and how you value their time. Each feature in the medical office software is programmable for incoming calls and outgoing messages in a number of different languages.

Online schedulers are customizable so your patients can choose an appointment date, change that date or time and have only pertinent and precise questions asked of them in a timely manner asking confirmation from the caller so everyone knows the correct time. If a doctor needs to clear his calendar for any reason it can be achieved in a timely manner and patient callbacks can be made for rescheduling. Online scheduler options are many and installation of the technology is straightforward.

Of course, this online scheduler and other medical reception software applications are an effective cost saving measure. Try hiring a temporary receptionist to cover for a sick leave or emergency staffing situation. Not only is this option expensive but the learning/training curve is wide. Prudent medical offices will include medical reception software in their next budget.

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