Online scheduler helps psychiatrists focus on patient care

October 29th, 2008

Psychiatrists are among the more stressed groups of professional workers, according to many research studies. Though the work that they do is extremely vital, and potentially life saving at times, the challenges they deal with can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. For many small and medium-sized psychiatry practices, there are other stressors on the job aside from just the day to day rigor of managing client relationships and providing support. Some providers do not use a receptionist as it is not cost-effective for them to do so. Other practices rely on one support person to manage patient registration, phone calls, other operational needs, and tedious insurance paperwork that is important. For these practices, a technology solution such as an online scheduler can either be a primary automated appointment scheduling solution or a value-added service for patients looking for efficient appointment scheduling.

The online scheduler is often part of a broader solution portfolio known as the virtual medical office receptionist. This backup receptionist solution is intended to offer an automated support solution as a backup when a live receptionist is unavailable or too busy to deal with immediate patient needs. Given the rapid growth in online business, an online scheduler is a great fit for any psychiatry practice. The web-based psychiatry appointment scheduling opportunity is a great way to catch people searching online for treatment solutions. It is also a convenient service solution for current patients who prefer to use the online scheduler as opposed to dealing with busy phones or being placed on hold.

There is no question the market trend is for more business transactions being completed online. Many non-web businesses, including travel, hospitality, and healthcare are seeing tremendous increases in online interaction from prospects and patients. This means that those providers who fail to connect through the web may miss or lose patients. Online psychiatrist appointment scheduling may be a major source of appointment bookings for psychiatrists who use no receptionist or who rely on one receptionist for all operational needs.

Another advantage of online appointment scheduling is that it can enable otherwise 9-5 practices to allow patients a 24/7 appointment scheduling solution. This is an excellent opportunity for patients who may not have a chance to consider their mental health needs until after their own work hours. Additionally, some mental health patients deal with ongoing stresses and instable challenges. The ability to respond immediately to schedule an appointment through a 24/7 patient scheduling tool can be necessary for these people.

If all of the great benefits described are not enough to convince any psychiatry practice to add automated appointment scheduling to their service, the modest up front cost, and low maintenance needs of the best solutions should. Many best in class virtual receptionist solutions have no maintenance needs for hardware, software, or care. This makes the web-based doctor appointment scheduler an excellent value and a great business tool for good psychiatry practices. Patients appreciate the convenience and efficiency they get from this 24/7 patient scheduling resource.

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